Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

"We Strive to Maintain the Independence of our Elderly & Disabled Citizens" | Se Habla Español


Our adult and senior library services include providing an environment conducive to learning and maintaining independence. Furthering education and stimulating the mind, our library programs for older adults allow participants to choose from reading materials and educational literature.

Benefits of Reading for Seniors and Disabled Adults

Mental Stimulation

Reading provides readers with mental stimulation, a form of brain exercise that keeps the brain active and engaged. Research suggests that the mental stimulation that comes from reading can potentially slow or prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Mental stimulation is just as important for adults with intellectual and cognitive learning disabilities as it is for seniors. Although disability will still be present, helping disabled adults learn and forge new brain pathways through reading is helpful to maintaining their independence.

Improves Memory

The mental exercise reading provides your brain also contributes to improving short-term memory recall. Remembering what you read in a book will not only improve short-term memory, but it will also help to form and strengthen brain pathways. All of this will assist in slowing down the aging brain and keeping memories longer as well as strengthening the disabled person’s brain and improving their sense of independence through improved memory.

Reduces Stress

For many seniors and disabled citizens, reading is a great way to reduce stress and get lost in another’s story. Reading books provides an excellent distraction from any stress seniors are feeling in their everyday life, as well as stress disabled adults may be feeling about their disability.  

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers provides a place for seniors and disabled adults to continue learning in a safe environment with access to our library programs for older adults or seniors. To learn more about us and our senior library services, make an appointment to tour our day care center for adults.