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Destinie Jones

Title: Intake Coordinator

Location: Eastern Location

Phone: 702-778-1223

When did you start work at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers?

I started my position with Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers on September 19th, 2016.

What do you like about the job and/or what’s your favorite part of the job?

I love the environment! It is so full of life and each person brings such a vibrant energy to the collective whole. My favorite part of working at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is seeing so much love on a regular basis. It is inspiring to see in an adult day care environment.

Why is adult day care important?

Senior care is vital to the quality of life for our loved ones. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Center staff provide socialization, mental and physical stimulation, and education to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for senior citizens in Nevada. All of these things increase the longevity for an independent lifestyle with our adult day care services.

Anything you’d like to share? A story or something you’ve learned from your time here?

Something I’ve learned while working at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is that there are A LOT of people out there who need this type of help, but they don’t know about the option for caregivers in adult day care. This kind of facility, which is a place where we can take our loved ones to be cared for during the day, offers respite for families and a socially, physically, and intellectually interactive environment for seniors and disabled to maintain independent lifestyles.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers Staff

The staff at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers are dedicated to helping senior and disabled citizens live full and independent lives in Southern Nevada. Destinie makes a wonderful asset to the team with her positive energy and deep caring for the participants at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. Learn more about the adult day care staff at our three locations across the Las Vegas valley.