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Podiatrist Las Vegas, NV

Podiatry is a branch of medicine dedicated to treating the foot, ankle and lower extremities. Podiatrists diagnose and treat medical conditions related to this area of the body. These doctors can treat podiatry diseases as they relate to sports medicine, pediatrics, dermatology and diabetes, and can even be the first to identify and diagnose systemic diseases in the body.

For disabled adults in adult care and seniors with Alzheimer’s in senior care, having access to podiatry services in nursing homes is important for maintaining their health. Feet problems may be one of the last things people think of when thinking about maintaining good health, but podiatry can become incredibly important when foot pain limits mobility further. Many disabled and senior citizens have limited mobility due to a variety of reasons, including intellectual disability, physical pain or injury, difficulty with balance, poor hygiene, etc. Utilizing podiatry services to help keep feet problems at bay is essential to maintain mobility and overall health in disabled and senior citizens.

Benefits of Senior Podiatry Services

  • Prevents mobility problems in seniors and disabled who already have limited mobility
  • Early diagnosis of systemic disease (ex. diabetes)
  • Helps seniors and disabled adults maintain independence with pain relief and increased mobility  

Our mission is to maintain the independence and well-being of our elderly and disabled participants. This cannot be done without regular podiatry services for our patients. We provide regular podiatrist services for each of our participants on an ongoing basis, ensuring their foot health helps to maintain their overall well-being and independence.