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Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy for elderly and disabled adults may be one of the most important services we offer at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. Helping seniors maintain and even regain independence, therapy offers strength training to increase balance, strength and overall mobility.

Our goal at the adult day care centers is to help our senior day care clients manage their health, reduce pain and increase functionality, which will increase longevity in their overall mental and physical health as they age. Osteoporosis, the progressive bone disease the depletes bone mass and density, makes seniors more liable to fall and cause serious injury. With a regular physical therapy training program, our senior day care clients combat the effects of the disease.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Elderly Patients

Physical therapy exercises also assists in:

  • Managing pain and symptoms from arthritis and even Parkinson’s disease
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to work out, or maintain a desired level of wellness
  • Preserving joints and strength
  • Teaching therapeutic ways to minimize and alleviate pain
  • Learning new ways to modify activities to avoid falls or other injuries

After learning physical therapy techniques, our senior citizens who need physical therapy enjoy faster recovery from injuries, increased endurance, better blood pressure and overall heart health. Your elderly or disabled loved one will experience a more improved physical and mental wellbeing and quality of life by using physical therapy techniques.

Our physical therapists at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers are certified to help both elderly and disabled clients improve their strength and wellbeing. Enroll your loved one in our programs and watch their transformation with the help of our adult day care services.