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Occupational therapyOccupational and Speech Therapy Services

In our effort to provide as many services as possible to help your loved one maintain or regain physical and mental strength, our adult day health care centers provide occupational therapy and speech therapy.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists rehabilitate clients to help them achieve daily tasks, or occupations by themselves to become more independent. They work with people of all ages to assist them in one day becoming more productive and independent in physical, social and emotional situations.

Keep in mind, physical therapy and occupational therapy are not the same. Occupational therapists help newborns all the way to seniors who have a disability or illness that makes them struggle to do everyday activities like dressing, eating, working or other important actions. By working with clients on changing the activity or environment, the disabled person is able to cope emotionally with a situation, or perform the task like tying their own shoe.

Common occupational therapy activities at our day care centers for disabled adults and senior day care centers focus on recovering from injuries, regaining skills, and coping with cognitive changes due to age. Clients receive an individualized assessment and treatment plan. The therapist, client and caregiver decide on goals together. Together, the therapist and client will work together to meet these goals, and adjust the plan or goals as needed. Our occupational therapists strive to create a fun, learning environment for each client to reach success.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech and language therapies provide help to our disabled adults and senior clients who have trouble expressing themselves verbally or with tasks like eating, drinking and swallowing. Our speech therapists work closely with caregivers to assess and diagnose a treatment individualized for the client’s needs. Our adult day health care centers cater to both seniors and adults with disabilities.

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