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Music Interaction

Music InteractionMusic interaction, one of our many senior day care center activities, is an alternative form of medicine, allowing older adults a form of healing that helps in numerous ways. Through music
therapy for adults with developmental disabilities, our disabled adult and senior clients experience therapy that heals their physical, mental and emotional struggles. Our music therapists are certified and hold a bachelor’s degree in the practice of healing through music. Their expertise on melodies, psychology and medicine have been proven to help clients based on numerous clinical research.

Benefits of Music Interaction for Adults

While treatment with music interaction is unique to each client, many of our senior and disabled adult clients benefit from the therapy if they have speech impediments, memory loss and trouble with balance or standing. Music stimulates the mind, creating brainwaves that create new connections and sharpen the mind. Seniors and disabled adults with chronic pain also experience benefits from music interaction because it focuses their mind elsewhere and not on their pain.

Our board-certified music therapist carefully chooses music and controls the tempo to meet individual needs.

Music interaction for older adults offers:

  • Creates social interactions and connections
  • Allows stimulating and engaging experiences
  • Find success, lowered blood pressure, less stress and a happier outlook

Nevada Adult Day Care Centers provides a place for disabled adults and seniors to experience healing with music interaction songs for adults. Our senior day care centers and day care for disabled adults regularly host dance parties and music interaction activities for adults to liven up the atmosphere and give our clients a reason to smile. To learn more about our services for disabled adults and seniors, visit one of our day care centers to see how your loved one’s life can be changed for the better with music interaction.