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Health Education

In order to continuously live a healthy lifestyle, it’s necessary to have some health education to know what it means to be healthy and how to live a healthy life. But this information does not just appear on it’s own. It must be taught. For people with Alzheimer’s or developmental disabilities, health education must be continuously taught so they can consistently engage in healthy lifestyle choices as they age. Our adult health services actively teach and practice health education with our participants, including healthy eating, self-care and general health care knowledge.

According to the CDC, adults with disabilities have poorer health habits than people without disabilities. These poorer health habits lead to a great number of obese and/or physically inactive disabled adults. To address this common problem among disabled and senior citizens with Alzheimer’s, we dedicate our time to teaching health education and practicing healthy lifestyle choices together.

Health Education Services at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Our adult day care centers are more like adult health centers because we consistently engage in health education, promote physical activity, and healthy eating selections. The adult day services we provide our participants include health education in the following areas:

  • Self-care and hygiene education
  • Healthy eating choices
  • The importance of physical activity
  • Mental health and wellbeing

With these health education topics and more, our mission at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare is to maintain the level of independence of our elderly and disabled clients. In order to stay independent with a healthy quality of life, health education is extremely important. Afterall, how can we expect our disabled and senior participants to make healthy choices if we don’t educate and practice these healthy choices together. Our adult daycare services are dedicated to health education and practicing healthy choices together.