Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

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Q: What is an Adult Day Care Center?  

A: The definition of adult day care means to ensure an adult with disabilities still receives proper care while the caregiver is relieved of his/her duties. The purpose of adult day care is to provide daily care for seniors and adults with disabilities and give their caregivers a well-deserved rest from daily caregiving tasks. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers serve seniors and disabled adults who need daily care, healthcare monitoring or therapy, yet prefer to live at home with their families. With our day care centers for seniors and disabled adults, we create a fun and busy environment where clients stay active, social, and stimulated.

A typical day at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers starts early at 6 a.m. Breakfast is served until 9:30 a.m.; hot lunch starts at 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. after which activities resume until our day ends at 6 p.m. There are planned adult day services programs and activities scheduled throughout the morning and afternoon. These day care programs and activities are designed to exercise, socialize, stimulate and educate participants. Our ratio of staff to participants does not exceed 1 to 6.

Q: Who should go to Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers?  

A: Nevada Adult day Healthcare Centers offers adult day care services to senior and disabled citizens in the state of Nevada. The purpose of adult day care is to maintain the cognitive function and physical strength and mobility of our clients. We provide Alzheimer’s day care, dementia, and other medical conditions. Those who are bedridden, violent or don't have enough stamina to function in our programs and activities will have difficulty participating. Click here to see a list of the types of elderly clients that do well at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. 

In order for us to accomplish our day care centers’ mission, we need a certain level of collaboration so that your loved one is truly a participant and not just an observant. Being able to fully participate allows clients to fully reap the benefits of our adult day care programs and activities to enrich their lives. Our programs work with day care services for seniors, day care services for Alzheimer’s patients, and day care services for younger adults with disabilities.   

Q: What kinds of services does Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers offer?

A: Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers offers disabled and senior care participants nursing and medical services, social activities, health education, transportation, local programs for the elderly and many more day care programs. Clients typically include those in need of Alzheimer’s day care, senior day care programs, and other adult day services for disabilities. From Alzheimer's adult day care to intellectually disabled adult care, we can provide the best adult care services in Nevada. Please take a moment to review our adult day care services.

Q: How much does adult day care cost? Is my loved one eligible for Nevada-paid senior benefits?

A: Elderly day care cost is often much more affordable for families in need of assistance for their loved ones. If eligible, the cost of Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers services is paid by Nevada Medicaid, CHIP waiver and Clark County Social Services. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers also accepts respite grants offered by Alzheimer’s Association and Helping Hands for short term attendance. Some employers may offer flexible spending accounts that include dependent care expenses deducted before tax and be used to pay for adult day care services. Please contact Cristina Vito, Administrator at or 702-319-4600 for more specific information and assistance.

Q: Why would I be interested in Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers?

A: If you are the sole caregiver of a loved one who is disabled or needs senior care, experts recommend that in cases of emergencies you have a backup plan, such as adult day care services. Adult day care for seniors with dementia and disabled adults are needed during emergency days, which is why Nevada Adult Day Health Care is there. Experts also recommend that you share this plan with your loved one so that they are emotionally prepared to face the emergency with you. If they attend Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers on a regular basis, they can become familiar with the environment, our staff, other adult day care participants and the day care services and activities we offer. As a result, when you need our adult day care services in an emergency, your loved one will most likely look forward to being with us and receive the maximum benefits of our program.

Q: Are special diet needs accommodated?

A: All meals served in our adult day care centers are approved by the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture, Child Adult Care Food Program meeting the USDA Guidelines. All menus are reviewed and approved by Registered Dieticians. Low sodium diets and meals for diabetics are also available.

Q: What is the advantage of Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers services over assisted living, home health care or nursing homes?

A: Adult day care centers allow caregivers for seniors and caregivers for adults with disabilities a break from the time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming job of caring for a loved one full time. Day care for dementia seniors and disabled adults will enjoy stimulating activities while socializing with others outside their family, but are still able to go home at the end of each day to be with their loved ones. You and your loved one get the best of both worlds in a more cost efficient program than full time assisted living or nursing homes. So when you are ready to look for “senior day care centers in my area,” think of Nevada Adult Day Care, with locations across Las Vegas.

Here are what some experts say about the concept of adult day care services like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers:

  1. “Adult day care represents a growing option for many families—one that keeps their loved ones out of nursing homes or assisted-living facilities that demand far more in the way of financial resources and may provide far less in the way of social and emotional stimulation." Trudy Lieberman, Consumer Reports Complete Guide to Health Services For Seniors, 2000.
  2. "[Adult day centers] clearly the most cost-effective and cost-efficient model of care and balances the needs of family and the growth of the elder…" Dr. John Capitman, professor of Brandeis University.
  3. A study done by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed that adult day care facilities are a viable, cost-effective long-term care option as it relates to nursing homes.
  4. "[Adult day centers] help keep individuals who are in need of chronic care at home, in the community, with family and friends as long as possible." Nancy J. Cox, M.S.W., national director of Partners in Caregiving.
  5. Average monthly cost of: Adult Day Services - $1,100-$1,760

Q: Where are Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers located?

A: Our adult day care and senior citizen day care centers are located at four different locations across the Las Vegas valley. Learn more by visiting any of our day care facilities.

Q: What are the hours of operation?


NADHC Jones:  Mon-Fri / 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

NADHC at Eastern:  Mon-Fri / 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

NADHC Downtown (ACSC): Mon-Fri / 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

NADHC Eastern Annex & NADHC Downtown (ACSC) Annex: Mon-Fri / 6 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

*Our Nevada Adult Day Healthcare facilities are closed on major holidays and weekends

Q: Are transportation services available?

A: Yes. To ensure that every participant who wants to be part of our adult care services, Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers coordinates with transportation services to and from each of our day care centers as necessary.

Q: Can I visit Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers?

A: Yes! Please stop by our adult day care centers anytime during the hours of operation or call the adult day care facility closest to you if you prefer to set up an appointment.