Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

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Elderly Care Programs

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers serve the need of the growing population of elderly and disabled Nevadans who require daily healthcare monitoring and senior citizen day care
 centers, yet prefer to live at home with their families. With our
resources for the elderly, we cognitively stimulate, educate and create an environment where participants are able to socialize and exercise to improve or maintain their level of functioning in caregiver services for Nevada elderly.  

Our senior day care centers provide an array of elder care resources and programs for the elderly to maintain their mobility and cognitive function. We combat several elderly health issues with our staff of registered nurses and other therapists. Specific local programs for the elderly that allow our senior day care clients to experience improvement in their everyday life are:

Day care for the elderly allows clients to go home at the end of the day with their family and loved ones, rather than be confined to a nursing home or other assisted living situation. Elderly day care centers are more cost-efficient and balance the need for one to have their family taking care of the elderly without putting all their elderly care needs on their loved ones.

Our elderly care programs allow for nearly any elder, no matter their medical conditions, to enjoy the programs and benefits of senior day care at an elderly day care cost they can afford. Seniors get the best of both worlds by receiving daily care with experienced caregivers and therapists while returning home to their families in the evening for elderly care at home.

Taking care of elderly parents at home by yourself can be emotionally, physically and financially taxing. Stay-at-home elderly care or private caregivers for the elderly are often much more costly and not a viable option for many families, not offering the social benefits of a community elderly care services. Unlike other programs, Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers offer resources for elderly living alone and with family to continue their progress at home as well.

Learn more about the specific benefits of day care for elderly people and help for the elderly with Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers to see if your loved one would enjoy our community.