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Your Guide to National Arthritis Awareness Month


The jolting pains in your hands and wrists are a sign of arthritis, and if you are getting it in the fifth month of the year, it's a perfect time to get to know this symptom. May is National Arthritis Awareness Month and strives to bring these symptoms and pains to the forefront, so more people find a solution for these signs.

People living with arthritis go through so much to deal with their pain and often don’t know what else to do to get relief from it. May serves to bring more help to those who long had to deal with the aches and gravity of their arthritis pain.

Information about National Arthritis Awareness Month

Each year the Arthritis Foundation recognizes May as National Arthritis Awareness Month. With over 78 million cases to happen by 2040, arthritis tops the list as number one adult disability in the US. By raising awareness, the Arthritis Foundation strives to stop these growing numbers and encourage more scientific research and resources to help those with arthritis.

Does your loved one suffer from a disability like arthritis?

What causes arthritis?

The term arthritis is a catch-all word to describe joint diseases. Inflammation occurs in the white cells, which causes extra blood to surrounding the joint and cause swelling. People describe an aching feeling and difficulty moving, especially in the morning. The process can happen in any joint, from the fingers and hands, knees, ankles, feet, shoulder, hips and even jaws.

Currently, arthritis is an incurable disease. As the number of disabled adults in America grows, we must take action together to put a stop the growing number of disabled adults unable to work or enjoy their independence. You can help spread awareness and donate to disabled adults at the Arthritis Foundation.

Understanding the signs of arthritis

The progression of osteoarthritis can bring several permanent joint pains. With early treatment, however, you can help prevent its progression from getting worse. Learn about how to track the stages of arthritis and stop the further progress of the joint pain.


Facts to Know for National Arthritis Awareness Month

Early signs of arthritis and treating them helps not to allow the disease to progress over time. Throughout May, become aware of specific symptoms you are feeling in your joints or common body parts of arthritis and speak with your doctor to avoid arthritis from spreading.

Babies suffer from it

Arthritis knows no age range and doesn’t only affect the elderly. 300,000 babies, children, and teenagers have a rheumatic condition. This condition affects the inflammatory joint circumstances of the person.

Effects on people’s money

Arthritis causes people to lose $156 billion yearly in lost wages and medical bills. The condition also affects people getting hired, the work one is eligible for, and the ability to work part-time or full-time. Almost two-thirds of U.S. adults with arthritis are of working age (18-64 years).

Non-traumatic joint disorders like arthritis are in the top five most costly conditions among adults.

Who gets arthritis?

Adults with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity are more likely also to have arthritis. It is more common for women to get arthritis than men, with 26 percent of women getting it to 18 percent of men.

Treatments for arthritis

Finding help for your aches from arthritis doesn’t necessarily have to be reaching for the pill bottle. Stretches for relief offers short-term relief if you are looking to decrease your pain without having to drink medicine for it. Gentle yoga also provides some pain management while also helping you get in shape.

Relief for Your Loved One’s Aching Joints

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers offers relief for arthritis and other joint-related disorders with our Physical Therapy services. Our caring staff helps to ease the tension in your loved one’s muscles and joints, so they aren’t in pain. Visit one of our locations to see our services in action.