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Why More People Are Choosing Adult Day Care


Are you looking for an alternative care option for your disabled loved one? Nursing homes and assisted living facilities have reputations for being impersonal or a “last stop.” Options for disabled adults who have grown out of the public school system are even bleaker. Finally, there is hope for special families looking for care options. Every year, more and more families are choosing adult day care for their disabled or senior loved ones.

If you’re struggling to decide if choosing adult day care is the best option for you and your loved one, here’s why other people have already made adult day care their choice for alternative care.

Why Choosing Adult Day Care for Loved Ones is the Best Option

Loved ones stay at homechoosing-adult-day-care

Transition is hard for disabled loved ones, seniors, and caregivers alike. Moving your loved one into a live-in facility is lonely and emotionally stressful. If you’ve been caring for your disabled or senior family member, not seeing them every day will be hard. Understandably, you’ll worry about whether or not they’re eating okay, taking medications on time, or suffering from depression.

Day care services for adults keep your loved ones at home. At the end of the day, they fall asleep in their own bed, in their own home, surrounded by those they love most.

Day care services for adults with special needs

After adults with disabilities age out of the public school system, families are left with little care options. If they stay home with a family caregiver, disabled loved ones might entertain themselves by sitting in front of the television or computer all day. Many caregivers report their special needs family members suffer from depression due to lack of social activities in their lives.

Choosing an adult day care means caregivers don’t have to give up working or their day-to-day responsibilities to stay home with their disabled loved one. More importantly, it means special needs adults living at home still have the opportunity to socialize with peers while participating in fun activities.

Caregivers benefit, too

Caregivers put their loved ones before themselves in every aspect of their lives. Family caregivers need a break to tend to their own health and personal needs. It’s hard to give up responsibility and trust to someone else, especially if you’ve been the main provider for your special family member for a long time. It’s an easier transition knowing adult day cares provide exceptional services for their clients. We care about your loved one just like you do because they’re our family, too.

Social activities for all clients

For seniors, one of the most difficult parts of aging is seeing their friends and family members pass away. If they are no longer working or taking part in community activities, it might be hard for them to meet new friends and establish a support system. Disabled adults also have a hard time saying goodbye to their friends and activities at school.

Caregivers choosing adult day care for their loved ones have peace of mind knowing they have found a social day care for the elderly and disabled adults. Days are spent socializing with one another while participating in senior day care activities.

Quality, affordable care

Live-in facilities and at-home care are much more expensive than adult day care services. Not to mention, the quality of care cannot be monitored. You’ll know you made the right decision in choosing adult day care when your loved one comes home happy and healthy, and eager to return the next day.

Choosing an Adult Day Care in Las Vegas

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