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Why Adult Day Care Is Beneficial for Seniors


two seniors playing checkers for adult day careDo you know how an adult day care for seniors can help you and your loved ones? Caring for a disabled family member is a daily reality many people live. Here at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we understand the strain some caregivers may feel between balancing work, children, and caregiving. We also understand your loved one may feel stress and depression from mundane activities.

Our adult day care facilities offer activities with music, dancing, games and more to break away from the routine. An adult day care center is not only an opportunity for the caregiver to take a break, but also an opportunity for your loved one to establish structured independence outside of the home. Don’t feel guilty enrolling your disabled senior family member in an adult day care, but learn how adult day cares have been named the best-kept secret in eldercare.  

Benefits of Adult Day Care for Seniors

Improved Health

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers have several services that help improve the health of our senior clients. When utilizing an adult day care center for seniors, you’ll have peace of mind while at you’re at work, running errands or taking some personal time. Your loved one is safe and well taken care of. We help improve health through:

  • Physical Therapy: One of the most important activities that help our seniors maintain independence is improving their balance, strength and mobility.
  • Nursing Services: Part of providing you with a peace of mind is the knowledge that our nursing staff is properly administering medications, monitoring vitals and managing all the medical needs of your loved one.
  • Mobile Dentistry: Our partners provide our senior clients with exams, cleaning, fillings and several other vital procedures for oral health.

Social Day Care for the Elderly

Creating meaningful friendships between our clients and staff members is key to improving our senior clients’ overall outlook on life. Studies show conversation is a way to strengthen a disabled senior’s cognitive health. At an adult day care for seniors, music and games are fun, entertaining ways for clients to create friendships in a monitored environment. Many of our clients at Nevada Day Healthcare Centers have testified that our social activities have pulled them out of depression and allowed them to be themselves.

Safe and Structured Independence

Illness and disabilities can leave seniors feeling lost and isolated. Providing them with an adult day care center for seniors can encourage a feeling of independence and purpose. When our seniors can get out of the house, they have the ability to make decisions about who they want to socialize with and what activities they’d like to participate in. Feeling independent may give some seniors the confidence they need at home to start taking an active role in managing their health.

Fun Senior Day Care Activities

At Nevada Day Healthcare Centers, we provide several activities to celebrate holidays, birthdays and other special occasions with our seniors. These activities keep our clients happy and excited to come back every day. Assuring our senior clients enjoy their time here also helps their caregivers know they made the right decision by bringing them to us.

Improved Family Relationships

We know the stress being a caregiver can put on you. An adult day care for seniors allows you to take some time to yourself or focus on work or other aspects of your life. It also gives your senior family member some time away from you and their familiar surroundings. Time apart helps both of you improve your relationship with one another.

Call us at Nevada Day Healthcare Centers today to find out about all the amazing services we provide our clients and their caregivers. Start improving your loved one’s life today!