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When and Why You Should See a Geriatrician


When and Why You Should See a Geriatrician

If you are an older adult or senior citizen, it is imperative that you regularly see a doctor who specializes in treating the unique illnesses and managing the medications that often affect the elderly. These doctors, or geriatricians, are specially trained in treating geriatric patients and often work in adult day health centers or assisted living residences. At our Nevada Adult Day Care centers, we specialize in treating older adults with the goal of providing an environment that encourages absolute patient autonomy. Nevertheless, one should know when and why to see a geriatrician.

As you enter your elder years, you may acquire diseases or ailments that are not prevalent in younger populations. While many senior citizens suffer from no health concerns at all, others suffer from frailty or osteoporosis, frequent falls, memory issues, incontinence and medication-related side effects. If you are a senior citizen or the caregiver of one and suffer from these conditions, it would be wise to start seeing a geriatrician if you haven’t already.

However, much of the time a family physician can serve as your primary care doctor, particularly if he/she has experience in treating older people. Although if you or a loved one is significantly frail, or have complicated medical issues, it is probably best to switch to a specialist such as a geriatrician.

The American Geriatrics Society suggests that a geriatrician be consulted when:

“Significant age-related frailty and impairment occur, which is more likely in older people who have multiple diseases, disabilities, and/or mental problems. The patient's condition is causing the caregiving team, including family members and friends, to feel significant stress and strain.”

A geriatric healthcare team does not solely treat your medical conditions but instead take a holistic approach, evaluating your past illnesses as well as your current health concerns to come up with a comprehensive aging plan, similarly to what is done here at Nevada Adult Day Care.

If you’re suffering from significant frailty or having problems performing everyday activities, our team of professionals will work together to determine the best treatment regimen for you. We, as an adult day care facility, will evaluate your living conditions and work with your family, friends and other supporters to ensure that you are getting the best care possible. We are more than just a day care service; we are a comprehensive healthcare team devoted to providing you or your loved one with the best care possible while always encouraging senior citizen independence. Contact us today.