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When Assisted Living Isn't Enough - Senior Adult Day Care


As our loved ones age, it becomes necessary to ensure they are still able to access everything they need to maintain their quality of life. If they need extra care or assistance with daily living activities, it becomes a family decision as to what is the right option for them.

Assisted living is an ideal option for many senior citizens who need some assistance but don’t need 24-hour supervision. Seniors who live in assisted living communities and senior living communities are in an environment in which they can receive help with some daily living tasks, like meals, medication management and transportation. In these environments, our senior loved ones gain basic assistance for daily tasks without having to live at home with family members. Image of elderly woman walking with younger woman in senior day care.

For some senior citizens, senior living communities and assisted living facilities are the perfect choice for their needs. However, as our loved ones continue to age, they might start requiring more assistance than provided at these senior living communities. If illness strikes, or diseases like Alzheimer’s develop, a senior loved one will require more help and eventually 24-hour assistance as the disease progresses. The fact is as we age we will start requiring more help from those around us.

Each senior citizen and family is different. These differences will help to determine the best course of action when assisted living is no longer enough. For families who cannot afford to place loved ones in nursing homes or get 24-hour nursing care, at-home living is sometimes the only option. In these situations, families can consider senior day care centers to help care for your loved one during the day when family members are working. Think of these centers like a day care for grandma (or grandpa).

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, for example, provides daily care for senior citizens who need 24-hour supervision but cannot be supervised by family members during the week days. Our services include nursing services, physical therapy, assistance with activities of daily living, social activities, healthy meals, transportation as needed, mobile dental services, podiatry services, medical services and more.

If your family wants to stick together and provide family care for your aging loved ones, senior day care centers like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare are an excellent option. These inexpensive services will afford you the time and money needed to properly care for your loved one and continue working for your family. Providing a “day care for grandma” environment will give you the chance to relax, work, run errands, etc. while knowing your loved one is getting the care they need, plus socialization with others their age. Consider Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers as a care option for your aging loved one in Las Vegas, NV.