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Well-Known Disabled Bloggers


Several disabled bloggers are proving what we already know: differently abled loved ones are just like everyone else, and they lead happy, full lives. Blogs written by people with disabilities are not only educating the public but also those who care for disabled loved ones. Although there are several stand-out blogs geared towards special families, here are just a few that are putting the ability in disability.

3 Well-Known Disabled Bloggers

Curb Free with Cory Leedisabled-blogger-typewriter

People with disabilities are actors, singers, and world-travelers. Cory Lee is addicted to traveling. He’s been all over the world including—the United States, Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Australia, and so much more. Cory is in a wheelchair, but he doesn’t let his different ability hold him back from having a good time.

Cory’s tales inform other disabled bloggers and travelers about the best handicap-friendly sites in major cities and countries. He even lets other differently abled travelers guest blog about their adventures. Bloggers who blog about disability, like Cory, are changing the idea that disabled people can’t do things that other people do.

His blog might even inspire you to go on your own adventure with your disabled loved one soon.

Love that Max

Love that Max is a blog dedicated to children with different abilities. Max has cerebral palsy, but that hasn’t stopped him or his family from kicking butt. Max’s mom keeps up the blog, but she writes heavily about his experiences like going to prom, overcoming challenges, and living life with a disability.

This website often tops the list of disability blogs. Max’s mom does a great job not only sharing Max’s experiences as a differently abled child but the experience of her other two children. Special families face challenges that are hard to talk about with other people who have never gone through it. This is a great space for parents and caregivers to meet and share stories.

Jordan’s Beautiful Life

Disabled bloggers like Jordan Bone, who runs Jordan’s Beautiful Life, show that sometimes the best way to overcome challenges is to focus on your passion. After a car accident left Jordan paralyzed from the chest down, she went through a serious bout of depression. She started blogging about her journey and focusing on her passion for fashion and beauty, which helped her get through a dark time while looking fabulous doing it.

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