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Vacations to Take with Disabled Loved Ones


You may find yourself trying to plan a holiday getaway with your disabled loved ones within the next couple of months. Everyone needs a break from their usual day to day hoopla, but you might worry about what accommodations are available when planning vacations for disabled adults. Whether your idea of a vacation is action and adventure, nature and serenity, or historic and scenic, we compiled a list of vacations ideal for any family with a disabled loved one.

But before we help you jet off on your grand adventure, don’t forget the most important part of planning a vacation for disabled adults is to prepare, prepare, prepare! Pack your bags, triple check that everything you need is carefully stored in its place. And then, relax at one of these fun vacation spots.woman on ocean vacation for disabled adults

Planning Vacations for Special Needs Families

Theme Parks

Many theme parks have changed their policies regarding people with disabilities. Some also have not created inclusion-friendly environments that provide wheelchair accessible travel destinations. However, there are still quite a few theme parks that have built a park perfect for vacations for people with limited mobility.

Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio, TX has gone beyond offering a special needs pass and they have created one of the first completely wheelchair-accessible parks. They created rides and attractions the whole family can enjoy, including your disabled loved one. Morgan’s Wonderland is run by a non-profit and also offers free admission to all guests with special needs.


What better place to relax than the beach? Sand between your toes, sun warming up your skin, and the calm sound of waves. But as many of you with disabled family members may know, sand and wheels don’t mix. Have no fear, our neighbor to the west in beautiful California, has many beaches that offer beach wheelchairs. These chairs have large wheels that can zoom across the sandy terrain without sinking, many of which are lent out free of charge.

Remember, planning is key when for any trip, but especially for vacations for disabled adults. Call ahead to reserve your beach wheelchair. With proper planning, you can also create vacations with little walking at a beach. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun.

National Monuments

Bringing your family and friends souvenirs from your latest adventure is always a nice gesture, but so is the gift of knowledge! Dazzle your friends and families with fun facts you learned while taking a historical tour. Washington, D.C. is considered the second-most wheelchair friendly city in the United States. It offers countless tours for disabled seniors. If you want to head to New York while you’re back east, the Statue of Liberty has also been modified to offer a fun tour spot for the disabled.

Maybe history and words aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re more into the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You’re sure to take amazing photos at The Skydeck in Chicago. The Skydeck is ADA compliant, so this cool sight is sure to include your whole family in the “Oo’s” and “Ahh’s.”


Not all cruise ships have kept their disabled passengers in mind, but a select few have. Enjoy sailing the seas without a worry in the world. As with any vacation for disabled adults, book early on to assure you get a room with the features necessary to make your disabled loved one comfortable.

Some cruise lines have designed a vessel specifically disabled adults. All of these vessels’ activities have been modified to assure your disabled loved one can take part.

Discover a New City

Many disabled adults with an adventurous spirit have taken vacations all over the world with their families. There are many helpful tips for vacationing with disabled adults. With careful planning, your whole family can jet off to a new destination without a worry in the world.

Sometimes your hometown has some undiscovered jewels you can uncover. Las Vegas is rated the number one vacation spot for people with disabilities. Many hotels and attractions have been designed with disabled people and their families in mind. So maybe your next vacation will turn into a staycation?

We will miss you at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers while you’re away. But when you return, we’ll be excited to enroll your disabled loved ones in an adult day care program and hear all about your adventures!