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Top 11 Benefits of Day Care for Disabled Adults


As our loved ones with disabilities transition from childhood to adulthood, a lot of change happens. For most developmentally disabled children, the school system is there to provide support for disability care. However, once someone turns 18 and has graduated out of the school system, parents are left wondering what the best option is for their adult disabled child.

Wheelchair for people with disabilities

Parents are often left with expensive options to find care for their adult child with disabilities, including home-care nurses and long-term health care facilities. But for many families, these options aren’t possible due to climbing expenses. For parents who want their disabled child to continue living at home, get the care they need, but not be stuck at home all day with a family caregiver, what’s the answer? The answer is a day care for disabled adults.

Benefits of Day Care for Disabled Adults

Convenience for disabled adults and their families

Persons with disabilities can continue living at home and visit adult daycare facilities every weekday. Their family support system will have a place to take their disabled loved one during the day, giving them the chance to work or rest.

Safety for adults with disability

Day care for disabled adults provides a safe environment and appropriate day programs for adults with disabilities to spend the day.

Support for disabled adults and their families

Caregivers for our disabled adults can step away from their responsibilities during the weekday, giving them the chance to rest and rejuvenate or get some work done while their loved one is being cared for in a safe and supportive environment with adult daycare services.     

Socializing activities for adults with disabilities

Adult day care facilities provide disabled clients the opportunity to socialize with other like-minded individuals and get peer support. When adults with disabilities come to our adult daycare facility, they will get the chance to make friends and participate in social activities everyday.  

Activities for disabled adults

A daily adult disability day care program improves mental and physical wellbeing through socialization, mentally stimulating games and physical activity. Every week disabled adults are able to participate in new social activities and games. See our Social and Recreational Activities services page to learn more about all the social activities we provide and the benefits of social activities for disabled adults.

Benefits of exercise for the disabled

Adult day care services promote making conscious choices and developing healthy habits such as physical exercise and healthy lifestyle choices, no matter the age or disability. Adult daycare helps and encourages disabled adult participants to live a healthy lifestyle through staying active.  

Client with disability taking a picture with his momHealthy eating for disabled adults

Healthy meals and snacks are served throughout each day at most adult care facilities. Healthy eating is important for disabled adults when movement may be limited and staying in good health is essential for a good quality of life. Learn more about our Healthy and Hot Meals services and the importance of healthy eating for adults with disabilities.

Education for adults with disabilities

Adults with disabilities should be given the education necessary to help them remain physically and mentally healthy. See our health education services to learn more about the education we provide disabled adults at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare.   

Medical services for disability

Adult day care provides daily medical monitoring and access to medical professionals as needed. Medical services typically offered include nursing services for disabled adults, physical and speech therapy, mobile dental services, podiatry services for disabled adults as needed and access to a medical director.

Transportation to adult daycare services

Daycare for disabled adult services should include access to transportation services when needed. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we don't want to turn anyone away due to a transportation challenge, which is why we have a fleet of transportation vehicles available to pick up those in need of our day care for disabled adults.

Independence for disabled adults

Adult day care helps to maintain or improve independence and wellbeing of disabled adults. Programs and activities for disabled adults help them to maintain a sense of independence, which is our mission at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. By providing them support, education, assistance with daily activities and health management tools, we give our participants the chance to keep their independence as they continue to age.

These are top 11 reasons why adult day care services are the more beneficial option for disabled adults, and why Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is a premier example of the benefits of adult day care. Listen to our adult day care client testimonials to learn what our current disabled clients and family members think of Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers.