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Three Signs a Family Caregiver Needs Assistance


There’s no denying the importance of caregiving. In fact, the Institute of Medicine estimated family caregivers account for 90 percent of long-term care solutions. Although there may not be an awards show to honor the role of family caregiver, it’s still an important task to uphold.

This job cannot be done well if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Family caregivers are selfless; more than half of caregivers report ignoring their own health to take care of the health of a loved one. So, it’s up to close family members to keep an eye out for these signs that your family caregiver needs some assistance.

How to Tell When Your Family Caregiver Needs Help

Denial ain’t just a river in Egyptfamily-caregiver-needing-support

To complete all their caregiver duties, some family caregivers may start to ignore their own health needs. About 53 percent of caregivers say their health declined from stress, which impacted their ability to take care of their disabled family member.

A family caregiver under stress may also start to deny the seriousness of their loved one’s disability, believing one day they will get better and be able to take care of themselves again.

If your family caregiver is starting to deny themselves basic healthcare needs and deny the seriousness of their loved one’s disability, it may be time to start looking into caregiver services for seniors or disabled adults.

Emotions change at the drop of a hat

Family caregivers, especially those new to the position, face a lot of change and may not know how to cope with it all at once. One minute they may feel optimistic and ready to take on the world, the next they might feel overwhelmed and depressed thinking of the future.

About 29 percent of family caregivers admitted to having a hard time controlling their emotions. Some caregivers may manifest emotional instability by switching between starvation and binge eating or sleeping too much or too little.

If you notice a family caregiver close to you experiencing hard time controlling their emotions and balancing their life, it would be wise to offer some caregiver support.

Long time no see

A family caregiver’s lack of social engagement may be motivated by the fear of leaving their disabled family member with someone else, guilt for taking a night off, or social withdrawal from depression. Whatever the reason may be, withdrawing from social situations or hobbies could spell bad news for a caregiver.

If you haven’t seen your caregiver friend or close family member around lately, it’s worth it to pick up the phone and give them a call. If they are having a hard time balancing personal time and caregiver duties, they could benefit from caregiver services for disabled adults or elderly.

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