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These Games for Seniors are Perfect for a Game Night


A family game night is a perfect way to turn the television off and have some good wholesome fun. When you have a senior in the home, it is essential to find activities to keep them active and also help them build a relationship with the rest of your family. Games for seniors are an excellent way to get the entire household to play a couple of hours of traditional fun and bond over a simple board game.

Consider some games for those days where there is nothing to watch, or you want to go back to basics. These are also good options for the upcoming summer, where you can have an outdoor game tournament.

Games for Seniors Great for a Family Night

With the summer coming, a lot of sandwich generation caregivers have to find activities to entertain both their children and their parents. So what games are great to play with a senior and their grandchildren?

Building up your brain’s reserve by playing games and puzzles produces new neurons and forms new connections in your mind. You can get quicker at problem-solving and learn further information and hobbies easier. These games perfect for seniors are beneficial to the brains of anyone at any age.


A dice game where you roll to get a score of 10,000 points. You’ll want someone who enjoys adding scores up on a piece of scratch paper and at least five dice to pass around. Yahtzee is also another favorite dice rolling game.


A simple card game about color and number matching with the deck. The game costs a few dollars, and you can have up to 10 players. This game for seniors can even excite your kids and involve the whole family.

Apples to apples

You have a handful of cards that all have people, places, and things written on them. Each round, someone takes a turn judging who picked the best noun which matches the adjective card. For example, I would choose the card “potato salad” to match with the card “tasty.”


Partner up for a four-player card game where two teams are dealing, auctioning and playing the cards to score the results.

Senior Game Night at Adult Day Care

Adult day cares host many types of game days for seniors as part of their activities to keep them active and socializing. It is crucial to have social activities in a senior’s life to keep their routines and develop friendships with other seniors.

Adult day care fun

Senior centers provide clients regular and new activities to try out. Some of the regular activities include breakfast, lunch and snack times, along with social hours scheduled daily. Some games for seniors they enjoy at an adult day care on a weekly basis include bingo, music, exercise, puzzles, arts and crafts, and movie times.

Some senior care also has daily educational activities, such as spelling bees, math activities, obstacle courses, reading time, word games, and Scrabble. It keeps the seniors’ brains and themselves active.

Have a Wholesome Good Time at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Our seniors look forward to coming to our adult day care annex program because it is always a great time! We make it our mission to give seniors a place where they have fun. Stop by one of our locations in Las Vegas to experience our programs for yourself today!