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The Stages of Dementia in Seniors


As a caregiver of someone with dementia, you may struggle in the day to day activities that accompany someone with declining brain function. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers takes the burden off your shoulders so that you’re not alone in caring for your loved one. With our services, we provide daily assistance with your loved one from participating in social activities, eating meals and transporting them to and from our adult care centers.

There are five stages of progressive dementia that help us determine their cognitive function and the health or decline they’re experiencing, so we can adjust our adult care methods to meet their needs.

Stage One

No Impairment. If your loved one scores a zero, they currently have no significant memory problems and have full judgement and sense of time.

Stage Two

Questionable Impairment. The score of 0.5 means they have slight impairments that many assume is normal memory loss with age like trouble with time or getting behind at work.

Stage Three

Mild Memory Loss. While changes are still mild, you’re loved one scores a one, and is more obviously impaired in short term memory. They may have trouble driving to once familiar places.

Stage Four

Moderate Impairment. A score of two indicates that your loved one needs more assistance in everyday tasks like bathing. Their short term memory is seriously inhibited, and they struggle to remember any new information or people.

Stage Five

Severe Brain Impairment. The fifth stage with a score of three is the most severe. At this point they cannot function without assistance in every area of life. They have lost a significant portion of their memory, and have no concept of time or where they are. At this point, they need live-in care every moment of the day.

Seeing a loved one develop memory loss like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can be one of the most painful things one can go through. Our job at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare is to provide a safe place for them to receive adult care.

For more information on our services and how we can provide adult care to your loved one, visit our website or call at 702-319-4600.