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The Future of Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and Adult Day Care


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Technology is changing the way we live every single day. This is true for disabled seniors and their caregivers. With advances in technology and healthcare, disabled seniors are living longer, healthier lives than ever before. Many families are choosing forms of alternative care in order to avoid the traditional model of nursing homes for seniors.

More intelligent housing programs are making assisted living facilities a much more attractive option for families. Although adult day care has been around for years, it has gained recent popularity to keep disabled seniors out of nursing homes. With this many alternative care options, what is the future of assisted living, nursing homes, and adult day care?

Options for Senior Living

Assisted living

Assisted living facilities are creating an environment where seniors can maintain their independence with confidence. Advanced mobile devices and home technology make an assisted living facility an appealing form of alternative care for seniors.

Specialists equip communities with movement sensors, which alert staff if any movement indicates an emergency health situation. Hiring skilled staff members has sped up emergency response times as well. The future is only getting brighter for these facilities. GPS technology, medication reminders, and fall prevention will continue to make assisted living a popular option.

Since seniors are living longer, healthier lives, expectations of care are growing as well. Not only do seniors want their day-to-day health needs met, but they also want to have entertainment and lead an exciting life. Many assisted living facilities are catering to this desire, and their efforts do not go unnoticed by seniors and their loved ones alike.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are becoming more and more obsolete every day. With so many options for alternative care, many disabled seniors and their caregivers are choosing nursing homes less and less. Pair this with the fact that skilled health professionals are taking their expertise elsewhere and the high cost it takes to keep a nursing home going, and the outlook for these facilities looks dim. Nursing homes have notoriously been seen as a “last stop” for disabled seniors and a last choice for their caregivers.

Assisted living facilities and adult day care centers have taken business away from this archaic model. Assisted living facilities provide the at-home independence seniors crave, while adult day care centers provide the skilled staff and daytime support caregivers and seniors need. Nursing home numbers are expected to continue to decline while the assisted living and adult day care sectors continue to grow.

Adult day care

Many healthcare professionals are choosing to work in adult day care centers, making these facilities attractive to disabled seniors who require closely monitored medical care. An adult day care is an exceptional alternative care option for families and their senior loved ones because they can stay close while still thriving in their careers and day to day lives.

Adult day care centers also have a strong focus on lifestyle. Aside from caring for the health needs of their clients, they also care for their emotional needs. Days spent at an adult day care are filled with games, therapy, socializing, and more.

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, our clients are family. We make sure your loved one is taken care of physically and emotionally, while communicating with you to make sure you have peace of mind while you are away.

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