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The Difference between an Adult Day Care and an Adult Day Healthcare


Are you a caregiver whose New Year’s resolution was to spend a little more time focusing on yourself? If so, you’ve probably been looking into adult day care and adult day healthcare options for your disabled loved one. But what is the difference between an adult day care and an adult day healthcare?

Proper care for your disabled loved one and health management is important to any caregiver. So before you make a decision about what’s best for your disabled family member, be sure you’re well informed about what you’re getting with your adult day care facility of choice.

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What an adult day care offers

Depending on the adult day care center and how well-maintained it is, activities for your disabled loved one will vary. However, a good adult day care center will provide:

  • Structured daily activities
  • Nutritional meals
  • Entertainment and singing
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Occasional outings
  • An environment where socialization and friendship are encouraged

An adult day care is a good option if your loved one does not have any major health issues or needs. However, if you’re looking for specialized services like a dementia day care facility or Nevada treatment centers, then an adult day healthcare is the better option.

What an adult day healthcare offers

Planning fun, structured, and safe activities is just one of the requirements for an adult day healthcare center. An adult healthcare center is licensed by the state to offer medical care and is a title only given to facilities that have met the stringent guidelines put out by the state. These specialized facilities not only offer fun activities but so much more, including:

  • Nursing services from a registered nurse and LPN
  • Physical therapy to help your disabled loved one increase their strength
  • Occupational and speech therapy so disabled family members can retain and improve speech
  • Specialized day care services for Alzheimer’s and dementia clients
  • Podiatry services for proper foot care
  • Mobile dentistry to keep those pearly whites sparkling
  • Daily activities specifically geared towards improving cognitive function and physical strength
  • Therapeutic services like art and music
  • Fun, social activities
  • Meal options for special dietary needs and preferences

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers not only provides activities for seniors in Las Vegas but also a piece of mind to caregivers. Call us today or visit us online and find out about all the affordable services we provide to our clients and how we go above and beyond to take care of your loved one because they are our family, too.