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Stretches to Relieve Arthritis


Do you wake up with your hands feeling so tense you can’t grab anything? You wish there were a quick solution for arthritis relief. Medication can take time to relieve your arthritis pain. But, there stretches can help relieve you of arthritis without meds.

These stretches can help soothe any body parts where you experience arthritis pain, like your hands, wrists, legs, and other joints. Arthritis stretches can be a quick solution every morning to prevent arthritis affecting your day.

What to Know before You Start Stretching

With all stretches, it’s important to prepare for your stretches to prevent further damage. Stretches for arthritis pain still require you to prepare your body first. Here are some things to keep in mind before you begin your stretches:

  • Avoid stretching cold muscles:  If a muscle were a rubber band, a cold rubber band would be brittle and fragile, where a warm rubber band would be able to stretch and return to its original shape. A cold muscle can affect the longevity and endurance it can handle while you stretch it.
  • Stretch at the end of a workout: Even after a walk, you can stretch to cool down and promote more flexibility in the muscles.
  • Try dynamic warm-ups: A dynamic warm-up will increase blood flow and muscle temperature. For example, if you are going for a walk, start off in a slow pace and gradually pick up the pace as you go.

Stretches for Arthritis Relief

If you’re looking for arthritis relief without medication, these stretches can help you in the morning or at night to relax the muscles and relieve the tension. Anyone suffering from arthritis pain can use these arthritis stretches because they aren’t hard on the user.

Arthritis hand exercises

  • Rubber band stretch: Wrap a rubber band around all five fingers. Slowly spread your fingers apart as far as you can. Stretch and hold for five seconds. Repeat 10 times in each hand.
  • Towel squeeze: Grab a small rolled-up towel in one had. Squeeze and hold for five seconds, repeating 10 times in each hand.

Arthritis leg exercises

  • Ankle circles: Sitting near the edge of a chair, plant both feet on the ground and place your hands on your thighs. Lift your right foot and extend your foot away from your body. Begin to move your foot in a circular motion clockwise at your ankle. Rotate five times, and then rotate counterclockwise five times. Repeat on your other leg.
  • Leg swings: Stand with your legs apart slightly. With your hands on your hips, lift your right heel. Actively swing your right leg in front of your body and continue the swing for 10 repetitions. Repeat on the left leg.

Elderly Physical Therapy in Our Elderly Care Program

Arthritis pain can prevent seniors from enjoying their favorite daily activities. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we offer elderly physical therapy among other types of therapy in our Elderly Care Programs. Visit us today to view our program options!