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Senior Citizens: Benefits of Social Exercise in Adult Day Care Facilities


As people age, opportunities to socialize become less and more challenging to attend. Spending all day in retirement, not talking with others, can lead to a decline in quality of life and speed up the aging process. Taking time to socialize with others keeps you sharp, active, and may even help ward off dementia. Attending places like adult day care centers can provide you with the opportunity to continue socializing in old age. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers provides all of our participants with a chance to socialize, exercise and participate in new activities daily. The following are just a few benefits of senior socializing in adult day healthcare services:

- Potentially reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s – Keeping the mind active and sharp can reduce the chance and stall the timing of developing dementia. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers focuses on providing our participants with mentally stimulating activities to keep them mentally active for as long as possible.

- Lower blood pressure – Studies have shown that staying active keeps blood pressure levels low and healthy. Our daycare services provide our participants with activities that keep them healthy, and meals that keep them strong as they age.

- Reduce the risk of mental health problems – Mental health is an important factor to quality of life and healthy living. Senior citizens can struggle with problems like depression and anxiety when they spend all day alone with no social activities. Our adult caregiving services ensure that our participants won’t feel depressed or lonely when they visit us. We provide them with activities and socialization that will keep them from feeling down.

- Potentially reduce risk of other health problems – things like cardiovascular problems, arthritis, and even some forms of cancer can develop more easily when senior citizens are not up, active, and socializing with others. Potential health problems are more likely to arise when someone is alone all day. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers knows this and how important it is to keep our participants active. We provide field trips so our clients can get out and about, health education so they know what to look for and expect with a potential health problem, and many socially stimulating activities that keep our clients active and happy while they are with us.

These potential benefits are all the more reason to look for services like adult daycare services to help your loved ones stay social, active and happy as they age.