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Rolling on Up: Wheelchair Technology Advances


Did you know that close to 6 million people in the US live with a form of paralysis? With numbers like that, innovative wheelchair technology is a huge industry. The latest wheelchair designs are so out of this world creative that we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’re thinking something along the lines of wheelchair jetpacks must not be too far in the future for our disabled loved ones.

Advances in Wheelchair Technology

Carbon Black
Sleek. Sexy. Versatile. Carbon technology.

Sounds like we’re describing a luxury car, right? But we’re not. It’s an innovative wheelchair design. Why shouldn’t wheelchairs have the same design specs as a luxury vehicle, though? Some of the world’s most powerful leaders used wheelchairs.

This chair requires low maintenance. Users no longer have to worry about lubricating moving parts. It’s also made of four easy to put together combinable parts, which makes it portable, too. If this cool new design doesn’t stand out enough, the LED foot rest, designed to light dark paths, will certainly do the trick.

The Tank

Many wheelchair-bound disabled loved ones know the difficulty traveling poses, especially when it comes to a changing terrain. The Tank is made to travel anywhere, anytime. Snow, mud, sand, and mountains are no match for this machine. The wheelchair technology used to design this thing is so advanced that one man was told he needed a special license to operate it on city streets. Creators describe the wheels as “caterpillar, tread-style rubber.” Pair that with a high-intensity motor, and you’re good to roll.

ROTA RoTrikewheelchair-technology-beach

One of the RoTrike’s innovative wheelchair solutions is its ability to fit in small spaces. While previous wheelchair technology has been amazing, they don’t always account for fitting through doors, shopping aisles, etc. For disabled adults involved in alternative care and still living at home, a large wheelchair may pose a problem in tight quarters. The RoTrike’s wheels are tucked just beneath the seat and don’t stick out. Two handlebars are placed in front, so users push them to move in a certain direction. This works well for disabled adults and seniors with limited fine motor skills.


This chair has a fancy name, but it owns up to it in features. The DEKA iBOT is self-balancing and can navigate complicated trails including stairs. Users are raised high enough that they can see eye-to-eye with those around them. The ability for a wheelchair-bound disabled loved one to look into the eyes of another person is a simple luxury some take for granted every day.

Advanced Alternative Care Solutions for Disabled Loved Ones

The future is bright for disability awareness. If you’re looking for an adult day care as an innovative alternative care solution for your disabled loved one, visit Nevada Adult Day Care’s website.