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Preparing Activities for Your Senior or Disabled Loved One for the Spring


When the weather starts getting warmer, there isn’t anyone who wants to be cooped up in a house or a senior care center. Springtime is the perfect opportunity to get your loved on to get outdoors and smell the flowers blooming and enjoying the warmer days. Preparing for activities for a senior or disabled loved one is a primary key to helping your day out go perfectly.

Senior activities or social functions are significant for your loved one to stay active and to meet new people and learning new hobbies or interests. There are so many things you and your loved one can do to welcome Spring with some fun outdoor activities.

Maintaining Social Activities with Limited Mobility

Older age and disability affects how active and social a person is, but for disabled adults and seniors with dementia, social and recreational activity is not always easy. The more mobility is limited; the more limited outings. But you can still have fun with your loved one.

Social hour with family and close friends

The most comfortable social relationships to maintain are those with your close friends and family. Continue to strive to call each other weekly and get together as often as possible. The more you continue to socialize with your loved ones, the more you will maintain a healthy level of social activity with seniors and disabled adults.

Possible physical activity

Even with limited mobility, aging adults and adults with disabilities should still get out and exercise to move their bodies around. This exercise does not have to be extreme. Taking a walk, stretching, swimming, and even dancing can all be considered activity to help maintain your mobility and independence.

Stimulating cognitive games

You don't always have to move around to maintain a healthy quality of life. Cognitive games that keep the brain working are a great alternative to recreational activities and are known to help fight dementia. These types of games might include crossword puzzles, table puzzles, word searches and computer brain games.

Adult day care option

Adult day care centers are an excellent alternative to helping seniors who struggle with mobility and are in need of regular social interactions. It is a cost-effective alternative to nursing homes and home caregivers, and will likely provide more opportunity for social and recreational activities.

Preparing for Activities for a Senior or Disabled Loved One

If you a lot of spend time caring for a loved one who is elderly or has a disability, you know how important, but sometimes difficult, getting out of the house can be. However, getting out of the house and experiencing new things is necessary for everyone's physical and mental health, disabled adults and senior citizens alike.

How to prepare for activities if you have a disabled adult or senior is made easy when you plan accordingly for the outing and pick something both you and your loved one will enjoy on a day with perfect weather. It may take more time and preparation for outings with disabled or elderly loved ones, but follow these tips to prepare for it. You’ll likely have a good time together.

Pick a location first

When preparing for activities for a senior or disabled loved one, the supplies you bring along all depend on where and what you are going to do for the day. The easiest way to start preparing for an outing with your loved one is to think about the location.

Will you be visiting a movie theatre? Perhaps you should bring along a sweater. Will you be walking through the park? Packing extra water is an excellent way to prepare. If your loved one has mobility issues, take into account successful activities you can do with disabled adults and ensure your chosen destination is accessibility friendly.

Preparation checklist for activities for a senior or disabled adult

The best way to deal with a potential emergency is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Creating a checklist of items to bring helps you stay organized and wholly assembled for whatever happens on your adventure.

You’ll know which items you’ll need for your loved one with disability or dementia, but here’s a list of a few everyday emergency items to always have packed:

  • Extra medication
  • Water
  • Food
  • Extra batteries
  • Walking cane
  • Hearing aid necessities
  • Baby wipes
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen

Give yourself time to prepare

While spur-of-the-moment activities are always fun, your loved one needs extra care and time to get you prepared for your day of fun. Whether this includes planning for extra travel time or double-checking packed items and the destination checklist, the best way to have a successful outing with your loved one with disabilities or dementia is to prepare for it. When planning activities for seniors, prepare for all possible emergencies, and you won’t need to worry about something going wrong during the outing.

The important part is just to have fun

Taking your loved one out to an event or activity is important and necessary for their well-being. Transportation and travel may take little extra time, but all it comes down to is preparation to go to activities for disabled or seniors.

Celebrate Spring at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Looking for a place where your loved one will get the care they need while having fun? The Expressions Program we offer gives your loved one a place to meet and socialize while still getting the care you want them to have every day. Visit one of our locations to see our programs in action.