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Physical Activity and the Elderly, What’s to Know?


Everyone, no matter their age, can benefit from physical activity. Staying active does not have to mean doing strenuous physical fitness. Simply staying active and doing daily active activities can have significant health benefits. Older adults especially benefit from daily physical and social activity. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers understands how important physical and social activity is, which is why we integrate programs designed to keep our clients active daily.

Did you know that, by the age of 75, about one in three men and one in two women engage in no physical activity? This inactivity not only contributes to health problems but also loss of strength and stamina in older adults. Social support from family and community can help keep elderly adults active as they grow older. Family members encouraging physical activity and caregivers taking their loved ones to adult day care centers, like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare centers, can help to keep our elderly population strong and healthy as they continue to age.

Staying active in old age helps to prevent falls and fracturing bones, reduces high blood pressure and the chance of heart disease, diabetes and even colon cancer. Staying active also helps with reducing symptoms of anxiety or depression and improves mood and feelings of well-being in older adults. Senior citizens who stay active also have healthier bones, muscles and joints, and reduced pain from arthritis.

As mentioned above, family and community support is important to help our senior loved ones stay active, healthy and strong. Family members and caregivers are often left with the task of encouraging physical activity, but adult day care centers can take on this daily task by providing clients with physical therapy, social activities and other physically active programs.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers provides every client with the opportunity to be active throughout the day. With new events always in the works, new events and socially active programs are planned and executed daily. Our mission is to ensure that every participant who walks in our doors is able to stay healthy, social and active, increasing their independence and well-being in the process.