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Part Two: Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease


This week we continue our last post about the 10 warning signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. The month of November is Alzheimer’s Disease and Caregiver’s Awareness Month. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare, we care about providing the best adult care possible for our patients, particularly those with Alzheimer’s Disease. Here’s five more signs that you’re loved one may be showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

They’ve developed new problems with words in speaking and writing. Your loved one may begin having trouble following or joining a conversation. They may stop in the middle of a sentence and have no idea how to continue, or may repeat themselves. They also struggle to find the right word or call things by the wrong name.

Misplacing things and unable to retrace their steps. They may put things in unusual places, and are unable to think back to where they went to find them again. They may accuse others of stealing their things, and this could occur more frequently over time.

They have poor judgement in making decisions. They could become less careful with money, buying into a scam on the web or over the phone. Their personal hygiene may also decline, showering less or ignoring grooming.

Withdrawal from work or social activities. You may notice them drop out of hobbies, exercise or other social activities. They may no longer feel comfortable being social because they notice their behaviors have begun to change and may be embarrassed or ashamed.

Changes in mood and personality. People with Alzheimer’s begin to exude agitation—getting angry unexpectedly and even physically violent, making it difficult for loved ones to give care. They become confused, suspicious, depressed, scared and anxious.

If you see any of the symptoms listed here or in last week’s post, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your doctor to discover if your loved one could have Alzheimer’s. The earlier the diagnosis, the more doctors can build a treatment and therapy plan that can keep your loved on stronger and healthier longer. Las Vegas has one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country to study brain diseases. The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health researches brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare services clients with Alzheimer’s and makes it their goal to always keep your loved one feel safe and secure in their care. If you are seeking adult care to assist you in caring for your loved one, please contact us today by visiting our website or calling (702) 319-4600.