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Part One: Warning Signs of Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Here at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we care about providing the best adult care possible for our patients, particularly those with Alzheimer’s Disease. During Alzheimer’s and Caregiver’s Awareness month, we want to promote awareness of this brain disease by helping you recognize the warning signs that your loved one may be experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

They have memory loss that disrupts daily life. The most common symptom is forgetting recently learned information like important events or dates. They may ask over and over for the same information, and even rely on their family to start making sure they show up at their appointments and run errands they’ve forgotten about.

Challenges with solving problems or planning. They experience changes and difficulty following a plan or working with numbers. They forget ingredients in a recipe or begin to lose track of monthly bills and their costs. Tasks take longer to complete than they used to. They begin to have difficulty completing simple and familiar tasks at home or work. Sometimes they get lost driving to a familiar place or remembering a word to complete a thought. They may need occasional help setting the microwave or recording a television show.

Confusion with the time and place they are in. People with Alzheimer’s can easily forget the day of the week, month, or even year. They forget what season it is. Sometimes they forget where they are and how they got there.

Vision impairments. For some, a sign of Alzheimer’s is difficulty reading, judging distance and perception and development of cataracts.

Again, these symptoms could begin in very subtle ways that are easy to dismiss. But, if they keep recurring and get worse over time, be sure to schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately to test the health of your brain. The earlier the diagnosis, the sooner you can begin fighting the disease to keep your loved one more coherent for longer.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but Las Vegas does have one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country to study brain diseases. The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is working to pursue a cure every day and treats many patients with this debilitating disease.

But until there’s a cure, there’s a caregiver. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is here for you and your loved ones to provide the utmost adult care possible to keep your loved one safe, happy and cared for. To learn about our services, see our previous blog: Our Services For Alzheimer’s Patients. To contact us, visit our website and leave us a message or call us at (702)319-4600. Don’t miss next week’s blog as we further promote awareness in Part Two of the Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease.