Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

"We Strive to Maintain the Independence of our Elderly & Disabled Citizens" | Se Habla Español

Our Adult Care Services Give Relief to Caretakers


Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers prides itself on its staff and the work we do with our adult care clients. We have a passion for helping others, finding joy in the little things and helping people with disabilities live a better, more satisfying lifestyle of independence. If you have a family member or friend who is disabled or is of an older age needing specific adult care, you understand that their care is important, but that it can also be difficult to provide the best care you can all by yourself.

We understand that being a caregiver for a loved one is difficult, and that’s why we’re proud to offer our services at an affordable rate so that you can do the million other to-dos on your list while knowing that your loved one is receiving the best care possible. Aside from the many services we provide our clients, we can provide the caregivers (you) some benefits as well.


You and your family can continue employment, decrease stress, recuperate from feeling burnt out, resentment or depression.


Family can take care of their own physical, mental, and emotional health because your health is important, too!

Patience and Understanding

You are not alone in wanting what's best for you and your loved one.

Alternative to Nursing Home and Home Health Care

Keep your loved one at home with you for as long as possible with the help of our services.

Information Resources

We provide assistance with collaborating the care for your loved one so that we can all work together to make them comfortable and happy. You have the freedom to visit your loved one at any time at our centers.

Have a consultation with Nurse or Physician

Your family can have peace of mind regarding medical care.

Convenient Drop Off and Pick Up Hours of M-F, 6AM to 6PM (NADHC Jones & NADHC Eastern) & 8AM to 4:30PM (NADHC at ACSC & NADHC Annex)

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers are an affordable option. We are a provider for Nevada State Medicaid, Clark County and CHIP waiver. To learn more about our exceptional services, call 702-319-4600 or contact us on our web page.