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Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers Celebrate 13 Years


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At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we celebrated our 13 year anniversary this month. The first location was opened on January 4, 2004, three months after our founder and President of Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, Chris Vito, came up with the idea. To celebrate our 13 year anniversary, here are 13 things we are thankful for.

Giving 13 Thanks for 13 Years at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Our founder and presidentnevada adult day healthcare centers founders

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers’ founder, Christopher Vito, believes we only have one life to live. Each day should be filled with joy. We’re thankful to him for believing in creating a Nevada treatment center where disabled adults and seniors can age with dignity.

Dedicated staff

A major part of what makes Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers great is our dedicated and loving staff. Their hard work, dedication, and love create a family in our adult day care facilities.

Wonderful caregivers

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers would not be where we are today without the trust given to us from our amazing caregivers.

nevada adult day healthcare centers peteDiverse clients

Our clients have many talents, interests, and personalities. They make everyday fun and exciting. We are especially thankful for clients like Pete, who have been with us since the first year we opened.

Overcoming the odds

When we first opened our doors, many people doubted our ability to succeed. These same people called us a year later to tell us how happy they were that we didn’t give up our dream of opening an adult day care facility in Las Vegas.

Providing various services

We are thankful to provide each of our clients with whatever type of care they need. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare provides dementia day care services, music therapy, nursing services, social and recreational activities, and so much more.

Fun activities for seniors

Aging with dignity is a top priority at our adult day care centers. There is more to life than nursing homes, where seniors are left to waste away in bed all day. Life is about living and having fun every day.

Activities for disabled adultsnevada adult day healthcare centers sign

After finishing school, some disabled adults spend their days sitting in front of a television. We are thankful for all the fun, stimulating, and inclusive activities we provide to our clients.

Several convenient locations

After being open for 13 years, we now have four locations around the Las Vegas valley. Caregiver support has never been more accessible.

Community support

We have been featured in several local publications since we opened. The support we’ve received has helped us reach out to more caregivers and their disabled loved ones in need.

Aging with dignity

Senior family members age, but they still have so much life to live. We are thankful to provide specific services like a dementia day care facility along with fun activities for seniors in Las

Vegas. Senior care with dignity means recognizing that not all of our clients are the same. We provide special care to fulfill all their quality of life needs.

Affordable healthcare

There’s nothing we pride ourselves on more than our ability to offer our clients and their loved ones affordable and quality care.

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