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Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Activities


Nevada Adult Day Healthcare is known for providing our clients with daily activities that maintain independence, health and good times. Every month, each Nevada Adult Daycare center provides our clients and their families with the calendar of activities happening that month. So each client will know what to expect before the day begins.

SnacksEvery month we provide our clients regular and new activities to try out. Some of our regular activities include breakfast, lunch and snack times. We also have regular social hours scheduled daily. Other regular activities we offer our clients on a weekly basis include bingo, music and exercise, puzzles, arts and crafts and movie times. But that’s not all! To keep our clients’ brains active, we have daily educational activities such as spelling bees, math activities, obstacle courses, reading time, word games and Scrabble.

basketballNevada Adult Day Healthcare likes to offer our clients with the opportunity to get out every once in awhile. We have monthly field trips scheduled for each adult daycare center. Past field trips include trips to the park, bowling, Red Rock Casino and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. Even if we are not on a field trip, we still like to get out with our clients. We take daily walks and spend time playing sports like basketball and volleyball regularly.

We pride ourselves on developing new and creative activities for our clients and their families to enjoy. Whether it be a luau party or sports day, dance parties and even visits from Zoo2U and an Elvis Impersonator, we know how to have fun in a safe environment.
Our extensive list of activities also includes services that help our clients maintain or improve daily acts of living. We offer speech therapy, music therapy, physical therapy, health education and daily exercise. Not only do we have scheduled activities that will help our clients, but we also have mobile services that can treat them for their medical needs. This includes mobile dental services, podiatry services, nursing services and a medical director available for consultation.

TransportationDon't forget transportation! We offer our clients with the transportation assistance necessary to get them to and from our adult day care centers. We have a fleet of vehicles ready to go for our adult day care clients.

Every day we encourage our clients and staff to make it a good day. Every day, we do something a little different to keep our clients engaged and feeling happy. We are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to have fun inside, and outside, our adult daycare centers.