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National Physical Therapy Month and the Benefits of Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is incredibly important for our disabled and senior clients at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. Now is the time to recognize and celebrate the importance of physical therapy for seniors and disabled adults because October is National Physical Therapy Month.

Why National Physical Therapy Month is Important

Physical therapy helps relieve chronic pain felt with chronic medical conditions and recovering injuries. Physical therapy is so beneficial for people with chronic conditions and injuries it can even prevent surgery that would otherwise be inevitable for some.

People with disabilities and aging senior citizens with arthritis are a few of the types of clients who spend their time in an adult day care facility like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. Having physical therapy exercises available in these settings will help alleviate chronic pain, encourage movement, and ultimately help disabled and senior citizens live independent lives with a healthy quality of life for longer.

Physical therapy room for seniors and disabled adults

National Physical Therapy Month happens every October and raises awareness to inform consumers that they can manage pain and disability through physical therapy exercises rather than rely on opiate painkillers. The campaign uses the hashtag #ChoosePT and encourages everyone to join the campaign on social media and talk about the benefits of physical therapy for disabled adults and senior citizens. See these following benefits of physical therapy:

Physical Therapy Benefits for Disabled Adults and Seniors

  • Helps to alleviate pain and symptoms felt from arthritis
  • Promotes flexibility in adults with disabilities and seniors with limited mobility
  • Maintains movement and ability to continue exercise
  • Teaches new ways to prevent physical injury and apply therapeutic methods to minimize pain

Physical therapy is one of the many important therapeutic programs we provide our disabled and senior participants at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. See a list of all our adult day health care services and programs here and stop by Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers to learn more about us.