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Music Interaction Helps the Elderly Stay on Beat


If music makes the heart sing, then interacting with music makes seniors get up and boogie. Music interaction is an alternative for seniors to get them out of their seats and develop a love for rhythmic sound. It provides them with the treatment they need in a creative and uplifting way.

How Music Therapy Is Impacting Senior Care

Put on your dancing shoes or grab your instruments because it’s time to discover the impact of music interaction! Seniors are developing a love for the musical art again, and they are celebrating it in their adult day cares.

Oldies bring back memories

Dementia patients who do music therapy found it helpful due to a melody that triggered a memory. Researchers have found music beneficial for those with dementia because it is easier for them to remember a melody or a song they heard in the past than an exact life event or a person’s name. They believe a song stays longer in their memories and music therapy is helping trigger these lost memories.

Giving Parkinson’s patients a new beat to dance to

With an abnormal technique to traditional physical therapies, Parkinson’s patients are regaining overall functionality when they are in music therapy. They begin to move more effectively when they have overall good music therapy treatments. Music isn’t only getting them to move around, they are also dancing into an overall feeling of happiness and a better quality of life.

Singing and speaking for stroke-stricken patients

Singing your heart out expresses your emotions of the moment. For patients recovering from a stroke, it helps them with functionality. Patients who listen to their favorite tunes after a stroke have slowly regained their ability to communicate and recognize words. Their verbal skills recover more successfully compared to those who don’t listen to anything or only listen to an audiobook.

Dancing Our Hearts Out at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers creates a fun environment for seniors, and we absolutely love giving them something to dance to. We offer music for senior care as part of our elderly care services and have an abundance of events getting our seniors to stay active. Visit one of our locations to see our festivities in action!