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Mindful Bliss: Can Meditation Have Benefits for Seniors?


Meditation can provide people with many benefits for the stressful world we live in. Many people meditate in groups or by themselves to become centered. Some people do it as the sun rises or during the day, whichever makes them feel better. Seniors can also benefit from meditation, so their mind, body, and spirit can find peace. Meditation for seniors includes mindfulness exercises and techniques that help the elderly stay centered every day. These mindfulness activities for seniors can help them with focus and memory strength.

How Meditation Can Bring Seniors Some Zen Benefits

Many people meditate to relax their minds from stressful situations. Some people do it to feel more centered. But do meditation techniques offer any benefits for seniors?

Benefits of meditation for seniors

Meditation for seniors can not only center seniors but provide them with benefits inside and outside of their mind, body, and soul.

The benefits of meditation for seniors include:

  • Sharpness and focus of the mind: Meditation can bring a senior alertness and a higher ability to function, which makes the senior years more fulfilling.
  • Activates the “feel-good” part of the brain: For seniors who suffer from depression, meditation could affect the happy part of the brain and bring more joy to the seniors.
  • Helps with memory: Through meditation techniques, seniors can retain new memories easily.
  • Can make their digestive system work better: Since meditation requires deep breathing techniques, it improves blood oxygen enrichment and circulation. This, in turn, can improve function in stomach and intestines.
  • Gets rid of stress: Stress from chronic illness or a disability can take a toll on a senior. Once seniors begin to meditate, their stress begins to melt away slowly.

This mindfulness activity is easy for seniors to do calmly and without strain. Meditation doesn’t require much, so it’s a simple activity for any senior.

Meditation techniques

There are various ways to help seniors become zen. The techniques don’t require seniors to do any stressful positions, so any senior can participate. Four mindfulness techniques include:

  • Calming music
  • Visualization: During this technique, seniors imagine their favorite activity in their favorite place, such as sitting on their favorite beaches.
  • Muscle Relaxation: This technique involves releasing and relaxing your muscles slowly to feel relief.
  • Gentle Exercise: Doing mindfulness exercises like yoga could be a great meditation technique as well.

Calming Activities for Seniors

With a variety of activities to choose from, the Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers will have an activity for every senior of every ability level. Our mission is to help our seniors become more active in their later years. Stop by today to see all the action!