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Local Spring Activities for Disabled Loved Ones


After a long, chilly winter, things are finally warming up in Las Vegas. Locals are ready to step into the sun for some springtime fun! Vegas is the kind of city that has something for everyone. Try some of these local spring activities with your disabled loved ones.

Local Spring Activities for Disabled Adults

Visit a farmer's marketlocal-spring-activities-flowers

Farmer’s markets sell more than fruits and vegetables. All types of vendors gather and sell their goods. You can find handmade clothes, homemade jams, games, and more. A trip to the local farmer’s market is one of the spring activities for adults with disabilities that can get them up and moving! Physical fitness is important to help keep your special family strong.

Check out which farmer’s markets are near you; you might be able to walk there from home. No matter where you live in Las Vegas, a local market should be nearby. Most of the time they’re, held on Saturday or Sunday morning, early enough to beat the afternoon heat.

Participate in farmer’s market spring outdoor activities before temperatures hit the triple digits.

Play tourist for the day

Las Vegas tourist attractions change just as quickly as the seasons do. Local tourist spring activities that are perfect for disabled loved ones include:

  • Taking a ride on the wheel at the LINQ: While you’re there, take some time to check out street performers and their exotic animals.
  • Enjoying lunch with a patio view: Almost every restaurant on and off the Strip have patios; lunch with a view is one of the fun things to do in spring while it’s still cool.
  • Listening to music in the park: Downtown Las Vegas, the Strip, and other city centers have artists performing for free during various times of the day.

What’s the point in living in the entertainment capital of the world if you’re not taking advantage of all the local spring activities?

Enjoy some local nature

There is beauty all around us. At our adult day care, we go for walks every day! By the time summer hits, it’s a little too warm to take a hike or plan a picnic. Enjoying nature parks, hiking, and observatories are local spring activities in Las Vegas.

Our city is full of beautifully landscaped parks. Most of them have water features like manmade ponds filled with ducks, geese, and turtles, or water fountains to cool you off. Pack a lunch or snacks so you can grab a bite after your spring outdoor activities.

Depending on your disabled loved one’s mobility level, you can take a short hike at Red Rock, Mount Charleston, or any mountains near your home. Contrary to what tourists believe, Las Vegas is more than casinos and gambling. Nature daytrips are some native’s favorite local spring activities.

One of the fun things to do in spring before you miss out is to check out local gardens. The Bellagio has a beautiful spring garden, as well as the Springs Preserve. The Springs charges an entrance fee, but the Bellagio is free for all those who appreciate beauty.

Disabled adults involved in alternative care centers are not in short supply of activities during their week, but it’s still always nice to get some time with the family.

Take a daycation

So maybe this shouldn’t be on the list of local spring activities, but a getaway is always a crowd pleaser. Fun vacations to take with disabled loved ones include:

  • Theme parks: We’re close enough to California that a daytrip to theme parks is fun and viable, but if you want to stick close to home check out some of our water parks.
  • Beaches: You can visit the beach at Lake Mead or drive a little further to Arizona, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, sunny California beaches are not too out of view.
  • Museums and monuments: Learning is fun no matter what season it is.

Visit an Adult Day Care with Tons of Spring Activities

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