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Living Full Lives with Disability and Dementia


Contrary to what some may assume, it is not only possible to live a full and happy life with disability and dementia, but it is happening every day.

With the evolution of medicine and care, people with disabilities are living longer lives than ever before. Although many people with a learning disability may develop early-onset dementia before the age of 65, this doesn't mean they aren’t living full lives by participating in activities they enjoy and being around people who will love and care for them.

Helping a person with disabilities who also develops early onset dementia is still a challenging task for professionals who make that diagnosis and people who care for those individuals. But with adult daycare services like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, there are more options available for ensuring these people get the love and care they need.

Options like adult daycare facilities can be better for individuals with disability and dementia because they can continue living at home with people they love in an environment they are comfortable in. Before adult day healthcare services, many adults with disability and dementia had no other options but to move into nursing homes, which generally led to a lower quality of life and sometimes earlier death. Now that these adult daycare facilities are available for adults with disability and dementia, these individuals are getting more care and living better lives than ever before.

As awareness continues to grow for adults with disabilities and dementia, they will continue to live longer and better lives within our society. Adult daycare services, like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, are growing to support this population. At Nevada Adult Daycare, it is our mission to improve the livelihood of adults with disabilities and dementia through socialization, exercise, education and cognitive stimulation focused on maintaining their independence and happiness. Visit and make an appointment with us to learn more about how we can help you and your loved one with a disability and/or dementia.