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Las Vegas Organizations for Those with Different Abilities


Remember that time you felt so overwhelmed by all your responsibilities you wondered how you were going to handle it all? You got through it, but just because you can handle it all on your own doesn’t mean you have to. Las Vegas special needs organizations not only provide a valuable resource for disabled loved ones but for caregivers who need support, too. Here’s a list of local resources for special needs families you should get to know.


Local Special Needs Organizations

Opportunity Village

Dubbed “Las Vegas’s favorite charity,” Opportunity Village puts on community events all year long, including holiday season favorites, Magical Forest and the Las Vegas Great Santa Run. This not-for-profit is one of the organizations that help the disabled find jobs.

They advocate for special needs community members by providing professional training programs, job placement, and social recreational activities. Opportunity Village has been a Las Vegas special needs organization that encourages those with different abilities to follow their dreams since its founding in 1954.

Family TIES of Nevada

Established in 2001, Family TIES of Nevada is a resource for the families of people with a chronic illness, disability, or other condition. This is another one of the organizations that help disabled adults. They keep families in charge of their loved one’s healthcare by creating programs that are family-oriented, culturally sensitive, and accessible. Family TIES knows families are stronger when they work together and unite to listen and honor their voices and the voices of their disabled loved ones.

Nevada PEP

Nevada PEP is a Las Vegas special needs organization that focuses on empowering and strengthening families of disabled children and adults. By influencing policy at local and state level, this organization assures that important services are available for those with disabilities and their families. They also provide training and education programs for parents who are still learning about their loved one’s disability.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

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