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Independent Living With a Side of Senior Care


No matter the age, everyone wants to feel independent. Independence helps to maintain the quality of life in elderly and disabled adults. As we grow older, many senior citizens are able to keep their independence for a long time while other seniors struggle with maintaining basic independent skills. The following are some tips to remember when helping seniors keep their independent feelings alive:

- Don’t do everything for them. When it comes to caring for an elderly citizen who needs help with basic living skills, it can be easy to get in the habit of doing things for them. However, it is more empowering to actually do things with them. This way, they can still feel like they are part of the task and they are contributing to it.

- Try interactive caregiving. Being interactive with elderly disabled citizens’ helps to promote their social, physical and emotional well-being. Encouraging them to participate in interactive activities helps to keep them feeling emotionally stable and physically healthy longer.

- Encourage them to stay active. Find out their interests and hobbies and encourage them to continue to do activities that they can do alone. Playing games and puzzles will help to keep their mind stimulated. Simple activities, like folding laundry, will help them feel like they are still contributing to a life of independence.

- Consider adult day care services. Taking our elderly loved ones to places like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers gives them the opportunity to feel independent while still being taken care of. They are able to visit with other senior and disabled citizens, participate in social and physical activities and go on field trips.

Everyone wants to feel independent and self-reliant. As we grow older, it can be hard to realize when you need help in keeping that independence alive. Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers applies this principal of independence to every participant that walks through our doors. We want all our adult day care clients to feel independent, healthy and have fun while they are with us for our adult day care services. Consider letting your loved one experience our adult day care services to keep their independence and happiness strong.