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How to Help with the Transition to Adult Day Care


Does your elderly loved one refuse your idea to attend adult day care? If you’re struggling to make them understand its benefits, we can help you make the idea more welcoming.

Senior care can have a bad rap in the minds of some seniors. Their understanding of elderly care may make them hesitate to get the assistance they need. You can bring your loved ones to adult day care centers and feel secure that they’re being cared for. Guide your loved one to transition to adult day care by letting them know how it can benefit their health.

How to Transition Your Loved One to an Adult Day Care

If you’re struggling to care for your elderly loved one, an adult day care could provide you some relief. These programs can also help if you’re working and don’t like the idea of leaving them at home alone.

Visit the adult care center

Let your loved one know of your idea to transition to adult day care. If they have a negative opinion or they think you are going to just leave them in a retirement home, let them know the transition to adult day care is only for certain hours of the day. Ensure them you’re considering this program because you are taking their health into consideration.

Most adult day care centers can give you a tour of their programs and services. Take a tour with your senior so they can see the center and all the services they provide elderly clients. Many times, they will see all the fun daily activities they could do and therapies to help with their condition.

Stay awhile for support

Once your loved one accepts going to an adult day care, go with them the first couple of visits. This will help with the transition to adult day care. If they feel supported by you, it could build their courage to transition into the activities or therapies. Go to the adult day care or senior center until your loved one feels comfortable of their surroundings and has established a routine.

With elderly help from adult day care, you can feel secure going back to work or doing other things while your loved one is being cared for. You won’t have to worry if your loved one falls and there isn’t anyone there to help them up.

Adult day care will treat them well and protect them from accidents. It will also revitalize your senior’s mind and spirit by giving them something to look forward everyday and help build a routine.

An Adult Day Care Center Option for Your Loved One

Are you looking for an adult day care center for your elderly loved one? At the Nevada  Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we pride ourselves in helping your loved one feel secure and welcome in their transition to adult day care. We have several programs and therapies to help with your loved one’s mental and physical health. Stop by for a tour today!