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How Horticultural Therapy Can Help a Senior with Alzheimer's

Gardening tools with plants

It’s sometimes difficult to find activities for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. You want something that will benefit them, like getting them up and exercising. While they can do activities indoors, there may be something outdoors that could help with stimulating their mental and physical selves. Gardening for Alzheimer’s patients, also known as horticultural therapy, is a great way to get seniors out the house and doing something they find familiar.

Sensory and healing gardens that have therapeutic landscape designs provide seniors with an outdoor space where they can relax and get some fresh air. Gardening for Alzheimer’s patients allows them to feel more confident and give them something to look forward to.

How Horticultural Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease Works

Gardening for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease isn’t always seen as a go-to activity. Many people perceive that it could be a difficult activity for them to participate in or that it will not benefit them. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Benefits of gardening for Alzheimer’s patients

Gardening can help seniors with Alzheimer’s disease exercise their memories. This could be an activity they used to do before they were diagnosed. Gardening can help them begin to recognize its familiarity and work on renewing their memories.

Some benefits of gardening include:

  • Creating a sense of purpose
  • Allowing seniors to experience success and help with building confidence
  • Boosting energy levels that will promote a good night’s sleep
  • Great exercise for the mind and body
  • Helping to maintain an existing skill set they may have had before their disease took over

Therapeutic landscape design

Certain spaces could be considered healing gardens or sensory gardens specifically because they have a therapeutic landscape design. This type of landscape design is a space that will benefit the patient by allowing them to relax and recognize certain features the garden has.

Healing gardens in healthcare facilities are designed to do just that—heal. They are designed to provide a positive outcome to those that will be using the space. It is a great place for seniors to see nature and begin to exercise their memory care.

Even the plants in the healing garden have a purpose. Plants in the healing garden, such as flowers, can act as triggers for memory recollection for individuals with Alzheimer’s. Sensory gardens could also include an old tool shed or a bucket of forget-me-nots. These could bring back memories for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease.

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