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Home Activities You Can Do with Your Disabled Loved One


Struggling to find home activities for a disabled loved one? With disabled care in mind, you may want ideas for activities that exercise their minds and keep them active even at home. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we have the perfect home activities for someone with a disability to liven up their minds and spirits. These activities help a person with a disability feel less bored and creates a routine they look forward to every day.

3 Home Activities for a Disabled Loved One

It’s understandable to feel limited in the things you can do with your disabled loved one at home. Fortunately, these creative home activities for a disabled loved one gives them a chance to express themselves and builds a routine.


Horticultural therapy is a great way to get your disabled loved one outside. If the person you care for uses a wheelchair, build a raised garden bed at a height they can reach. This great home activity gives them access to plant and water easily without having to bend down.

Watching a plant grow gives your disabled loved one optimism. They can see something grow after hard work from their own hands. It also serves as a calming and meditative activity, as they rake the soil and water the plants daily.

Reading a new book

Read a story to your disabled friend or family member—one they haven’t read before. Designating a time for reading gives you and your disabled loved one a special time with each other as you both immerse yourselves in an exciting story. Look for nonfiction books or an inspirational book for caregiving or a person with a disability to liven up both your spirits.

Learn a creative skill

Learning a craft and starting a new project are great home activities for a disabled loved one. It helps keep your disabled loved one occupied for some time and helps their creative side come out. If you are new to crafting, invite friends to build a craft group. This can help your disabled loved one socialize with others, which is still important even if they’re at home.

Variety of Activities in Our Annex Program

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers knows the importance of activities in the daily lives of seniors and disabled patients. Our annex programs provide our patients with the ability to choose an assortment of daily activities, helping them have something to look forward to every day. Visit our center today to learn more!