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Holidays Gifts for Disabled Family Members


If you have a disabled family member, the most important gift you can give them is the gift of independence. Everything from getting dressed, eating meals, bathing, and daily activities can be difficult for the disabled to accomplish without assistance.

While shopping for your special family member this holiday season, remember to keep the fun by buying functional gifts. The holidays can be hectic, so to relieve some stress, we’ve created a cheat sheet of gift ideas for disabled adults and disabled seniors.


Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Gifts for disabled adults

  1. Getting dressed in the morning without the assistance of a loving caregiver can be difficult for special family members. The Wright Stuff has created a line of gadgets that make some thoughtful and functional gifts for disabled adults. These inventions help you zip, button, pull, and secure clothing.
  2. For loved ones with limited hand mobility, the Sesame smart phone is operated by voice control and head movement. These devices are completely hands-free but still have the perks of a smartphone, including the ability to download apps and play games.
  3. Daily decisions, like choosing a restaurant for dinner, may be influenced by factors like utensils. Katsuyuki Miyabi’s Chopsticks have been created with disabled adults in mind. They work like tongs and are custom-made to fit your disabled loved one’s grip.
  4. Theraputty is a gift for disabled adults that come in different colors and consistencies. Over time they help build hand strength and fine tune hand movements. Even the containers for the putty are easy-to-open so your disabled loved one can open and put them away without much assistance.
  5. Finding a bicycle your disabled loved one can easily operate while feeling comforted can be difficult. Worksman Cycle is a big ticket gift for disabled adults, and it lasts. Their designs are tailored to fit the needs of any disabled family member.
  6. Video games can help with cognitive functions in disabled adults but not all game controllers are easy for disabled adults to operate. Some companies have addressed this problem by creating controllers for disabled adults specific to their disability.

Gifts for disabled seniors

  1. Some of seniors’ favorite treats are packed away in hard-to-open jars and containers. Jar openers come in several shapes and sizes as gifts for disabled seniors. This is an especially useful and thoughtful gift for disabled seniors who have or are developing arthritis.
  2. Falling can cause life-threatening injuries for disabled seniors, especially if no one is around to help when the fall occurs. Fall detection rugs have been created with your loved one in mind. Disabled seniors can move around the house without fear of falling without notice to their caregiver.
  3. Disabled seniors with limited mobility may spend a lot of time indoors or in bed. Ion Therapy Lamps mimic the sun’s rays and have been proven to cause an antidepressant effect to help boost your loved one’s mood.
  4. Reading is a great way for your disabled senior family member to keep their mind stimulated. Books may have small print or difficult to turn pages for those with limited hand function. Audiobooks create relaxing gifts for disabled seniors as they can put on headphones, sit back, and be swept away in a story.
  5. Gardening is a therapeutic activity. You can keep gardening boards indoors for your disabled senior family member to tend.
  6. The Grabber is an innovative product that seniors can use to reach for things in high places or close by without having to stretch or get up. Grabbers are great gifts for disabled seniors, that also give independence.

The Gift of Loving Care

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