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Holiday Activities for Adults with Disabilities


Fall is here and the holiday season is quickly approaching. This is the time of year to come together and celebrate fun holiday activities with family, friends and the community. You can celebrate the holidays in many ways, even with adults with disabilities and/or limited mobility.

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we celebrate the holiday season every year, from fun Halloween craft ideas all the way to Christmas activities for adults with disabilities. Providing our clients with disabilities fun holiday activities to take part in during our adult daycare services is part of the reason why they continue to maintain independence and a healthy quality of life. But you don’t have to wait for an adult daycare facility to provide activities for developmentally disabled adults. Here are some ideas to celebrate the holidays for disabled adults and carers:

Holiday Art Projects for Disabled Adults

Adult Arts and Crafts Programs

Crafting is a great way for disabled adults to engage with the holiday season without being overloaded by busy holiday events. Arts and crafts ideas for disabled adults can vary depending on complexity, but there are plenty of simple Christmas crafts to choose from and create with your loved one with disabilities.

Halloween arts and crafts for disabled adults

Holiday Music with Disabled Adults

Music therapy is an excellent activity for adults with disabilities to participate in. Benefits of music therapy include stimulating and engaging experiences with music, lowered blood pressure and less stress in addition to social interactions and connection through listening to music together. Applying holiday music when the season arises is one way to get disabled adults involved with the holidays and feel like they are celebrating together.

Holiday music therapy for adults with disabilities

Holiday Activities to do with Disabled Adults

Whether it’s for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah, there is always a good time to decorate around the holidays. Adults with disabilities can participate in the holiday spirit by helping put decorations up in the home or their adult daycare facility. From decorating the Christmas tree to coloring in Halloween pictures and taping them up, everyone can find a way to participate in the Holiday decorating.

Christmas tree decoration for disabled adults to try

Attend Season Events Open to Disabled Adults

Every year, charity organizations take the time to celebrate the holiday season with disabled and underprivileged adults and families. In Las Vegas, Opportunity Village hosts the Magical Forest Season from November through December. However, there are plenty of other events and activities to join, many of which you can find through your local adult day care facility.

Christmas events for families and people with disabilities

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers celebrates holidays and special occasions with our participants who have disabilities and/or are senior citizens. Learn more about Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers services and stop by to celebrate with holiday season with us this year.