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Gentle Yoga: Yoga for Seniors


Meditation can help distract individuals that suffer from several types of anxieties. Yoga combined with meditation can take those benefits even further. However, some yoga poses could be difficult for some people. Seniors may be turned away from doing yoga because they don’t know if they can accomplish some of the poses yoga requires. Fortunately, there is yoga for seniors that is both relaxing and easy to do.

Yoga Poses Seniors Can Do

Yoga isn’t just for those who are flexible. Yoga for seniors includes helpful poses older people can do. If you’re in a wheelchair, there are even yoga poses that elderly people can perform while seated. Beginner yoga for the elderly could be a great way for seniors to stretch and meditate.

Here are some beginner yoga poses seniors can do while standing.

Mountain pose

This easy pose can be beneficial to produce better posture in seniors who are beginning to slouch. Stand tall with your big toes and heels together. Relax your shoulders and bring your abdomen in. Take five to eight breaths while engaging your leg muscles.

Angry cat pose

This one may be difficult for some, so check with your doctor before you attempt performing this yoga pose. Get down on all fours and pull your stomach in to create an arch in your back. This pose is helpful to lengthen and stretch your spine out.

Savasana pose

The Savasana pose is a great way to end your yoga session. You will lie down on your back and just relax. This pose will restore inner peace with the mind and body. It also helps to reset the nervous system.

Chair Yoga

Just because you use a wheelchair or a chair for assistance doesn’t mean you can’t do yoga. Here are various seated yoga poses you can do to stretch while sitting.

Eagle arms pose

This a great pose for stretching your arms, shoulders, and upper back. Take a deep breath in and stretch your arms out to your sides. When you exhale, bring your arms in to give yourself a hug, touching your shoulders with the opposite hands. Inhale again and lift your elbows up. When you exhale, roll your shoulders down and relax your arms.

Warrior I

Take a deep breath while sitting up straight in your chair. When you inhale, lift your arms out and up above your head. When you exhale, roll your shoulders back so that you are moving your shoulder blades. Continue to do this for five more breaths, then slowly bring your arms down.

Seated neck rolls

If you feel tension in your neck and shoulders, this pose can help relieve it. To begin, sit straight in your chair and gaze up to the ceiling. Keep your neck long and begin to roll your left ear to your left shoulder. Hold that pose then begin to bring your chin to your chest. Finally, bring your right ear to your right shoulder, and then return to first position.

Activities for Every Senior

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