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Games and Puzzles to Play with your Senior Family Members


Board game dice, hour glasses, and pieces for nevada adult day healthcare

When my extended family gets together, my grandmother always pulls out a dice game called Farkle. You roll five die at a time to get a score and work your way up to 10,000 points— and the first person to reach that score wins. We sit around the table, snacking, drinking iced tea and laughing at each other’s bad luck rolling the die. It’s a tradition I cherish and look forward to anytime we get together.   -A.H.

The Cleveland Clinic created six pillars of brain health and all need regular upkeep in order to keep our brains strong and healthy into old age. One pillar is called “Mental Fitness.” Building up your brain’s reserve by playing games and puzzles produces new neurons and forms fresh connections in your brain. You can get quicker at problem solving and learn new information and hobbies easier. These activities are beneficial to the brains of anyone at any age.

During the holidays families come together to celebrate long held traditions of spending time with loved ones. If you are looking for activities and games that you can play with all ages of family members, we’ve got a great fit for almost any family.

Farkle- A dice game where you roll to get to a score of 10,000 points. You’ll want someone who enjoys adding scores up on a piece of scratch paper and at least five dice to pass around. Yahtzee is also another popular dice rolling game.

Uno- A simple card game that’s about color and number matching with the deck. The game costs a few dollars and you can have up to 10 players.

Apples to Apples- You have a handful of cards that all have nouns (people, places, and things) written on them. Each round, someone takes a turn judging who picked the best noun that matches the adjective card. For example, I would choose the card “potato salad” to match with the card “tasty.”

Bridge- Partner up for a four player card game where two teams dealing, auctioning and playing the cards to score the results.

Do a word search puzzle or a crossword with your elderly family members.

Buy a jigsaw puzzle to put together. It’s low key and takes out the competition and frenzy that can sometimes happen in other games.

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers we create a fun and active environment for your loved ones to enjoy each and every day that we provide care for them. You too can plan fun activities for all the family to participate in that not only promote fun and family time, but also strengthen your brain’s health. For adult care that’s compassionate and personable, we offer unique and dedicated services to our clients, providing fun activities, meals, and more. Learn more about our adult care services by visiting our website or calling (702) 319-4600.