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Finding Happiness in Old Age with Adult Care


While too many of us are afraid of growing older, it’s now proven that aging leads people to feel more satisfied with their lives.

"When we think of old age, we often think of decline and loss," Claudia Haase, a professor of social policy at Northwestern and one of the study's authors, said in a statement. "But a growing body of research shows that some things actually get better as we age."

Buffalo University and Northwestern have both performed studies on this phenomena, and the surprising information they found was that older people tend to trust others more, leading to more happiness and well-being. “Trust may benefit well-being because a sense of trust in other people allows us to derive support, comfort and pleasure from our social relationships," Haase said. "People who trust more are also happier. Moreover, our study shows that people who trust more are not only happier today, but they also experience increases in happiness over time."

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers in Las Vegas, Nevada, we know the importance of social interaction to promote health and well-being in our adult care clients. We strive to build a trusting and friendly relationship with our clients, and we hope that they will build those same relationships with each other. We host regular parties for holidays like Halloween, Christmas and even Chinese New Year. We love to socialize and interact with our clients and throwing a party is a great way to do this! By doing social interaction activities throughout the day, we build trust and friendship with each other.

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