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Elderly Care Options


As our loved ones get older, they may require more help from family members to maintain their health and quality of life. Sometimes this help can be difficult to handle, especially if you are the only person available to take on those duties. There are many options available for people who need a little assistance with caring for their senior loved one.

Choosing the most appropriate option depends on how much assistance they may need throughout the day and night. Options vary from 24 hour care to small amounts of help with daily activities. While some seniors may need constant medical attention, many only need a little assistance with daily activities. The following are a few of the options available for elderly care:

- In-home Care – This type of care occurs for those who do not want to move away from their homes and can afford to have nurses come in to treat them on a regular basis.

- Assisted Living – This is a residential care option in which elderly people can move to if they need help with daily living assistance, but who do not need special healthcare services.

- Nursing Homes – for those who do require extra healthcare services, a nursing home is usually the only option that provides 24-hour nursing coverage.

- Adult Daycare Centers – These facilities, like Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, provide daily programs for seniors and disabled to participate in. Participants still live at home, but are able to come to our facility during the day so they can get assistance with daily living activities without having to move to an assisted living facility and/or give up their independence. Options like these are becoming more popular because people do not want to force their loved ones to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, but they need help caring for them during the day.

The options of caring for elderly have certainly increased over the last few decades. As life expectancy continues to increase and our loved ones begin to get older, many people are searching for better and more affordable options to provide the appropriate amount of care for their loved ones.

We are here to provide that service and help elderly and disabled people to maintain their independence and get the care they need. What do our services provide you, the person caring for a loved one? Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers offers relief in knowing that he or she is being cared while you are away for the day. Contact us today.