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Benefits of Social Exercise for Disabled Adults


Disabled adults need just as much activity, socialization, and exercise as any other person. Exercise for disabled adults, even those with limited mobility, has been linked to several health benefits. Reputable adult day programs should make physical activity part of their daily routine. If your special family member is not enrolled in an adult day care, but you’re considering the option, rest assured their physical health will always be taken care of at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers.

Social Exercise for Disabled Adults at an Adult Day Care

Routine exercise for disabled adults at an adult day care centerexercise-for-disabled-adults-tai-chi

Activities for disabled adults need to be appropriate, especially for those with limited mobility. Adult day programs tailor exercises to each client’s needs. The activities we offer include:

  • Guided Movement: Closely related to yoga and meditation, guided movements are great limited mobility exercises. Loved ones can stretch, breathe, and relax at a slow, comfortable pace.
  • Sports Day: All clients have different interests and hobbies. On Sports Day, we make active exercise fun!
  • Dancing: Professional dancers visit our clients several times a year. They teach exercise for disabled adults by shaking their groove thang.

Benefits of exercise for disabled people

Experts link significant health benefits to providing disabled persons with daily physical and social activity. The following are some basic benefits of exercise for disabled adults:

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes: Disabled adults are more likely to develop high blood pressure and heart disease from inactivity. They are also more likely to develop colon cancer and diabetes from inactivity.
  • Helps to improve muscle strength and stamina: Activities for disabled adults keep them active while keeping their muscle strength and stamina higher than normal. Our adult day care services include physical therapy and other physical activities designed to keep their stamina and muscle strength up for as long as possible.
  • Reduces mental health problems: Special family members sometimes struggle with anxiety and depression. Social exercise with others can prevent these mental health problems from occurring. Our services allow clients to socialize with each other and participate in fun activities they normally wouldn’t have access to.
  • Helps keep joint swelling and pain to a minimum: For clients suffering from arthritis, inactivity can cause additional swelling and pain as they grow older. Our services include physical therapy, designed to stimulate their muscles and get their body moving throughout the week.

Routine exercise for disabled adults at home

Engaging in a daily exercise routine with your special loved one can be beneficial for caregivers too. Sometimes family caregivers neglect their physical health while tending the needs of a loved one. Keep loved ones active at home by:

Asking their doctor about a safe chair exercise routine

  • Participating in daily stretching, yoga, or tai chi
  • Making active games a part of family game night

Get Active at an Adult Day Program

People with disabilities are less likely to engage in regular exercise, despite the many benefits associated with it. That’s why Nevada Adult Day Healthcare is here. We are trained and ready to give your disabled loved one the activity, exercise, socialization, and (most of all) care they need every day. Contact us to find out more.