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Caregiver Myth: There’s No Education for Caregivers


Today, we explore another caregiver myth: Is there such thing as education for caretakers? While every guardian has their own way of caring for their loved one, education and training is available for those who could use some help. This education can give people a chance to learn new ways of caregiving.

Caregiver Myth: Caregiver Education Doesn’t Exist

Caregiving classes are great for those wanting to give their elderly loved one the best care. But it isn’t just for beginner caregivers. Even experienced caretakers can benefit from educational classes.

American Association for Caregiver Education

The non-profit organization, American Association for Caregiver Education, is ready to help caregivers. Their mission is to listen to caretakers, understand their needs, and provide solutions. They strive to provide caregiver support to those who need it.

The American Association for Caregiver Education saw family guardians were not getting the attention they needed when it came to caregiver education. The organization understands a person can become a caregiver at any moment, and if it’s the first time they’re caring for a loved one, they benefit from some form of training. They strive to provide education not only to caregivers of the elderly, but also education for caregivers with a disabled one.

Caregiver programs in adult day care

For caregiving classes, look no further than your adult day care. Many adult day cares offer classes for caregivers as part of their elderly care programs. Caregiving classes at adult day care centers are especially convenient for caregivers who work and leave their loved one at the care center.

Trained caregivers from the adult day care center lead the classes. They’re available for any caregiver questions you have.

Need Help with Caregiving?

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we provide caregivers a little help when they need it with our elderly care programs. You can rest assured knowing your loved one is in the best hands with our trained caregivers. Stop by our adult day care centers today to see our programs in action!